1 April, 2023

Pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical diagnostics, and other life science companies all engage in collaborative efforts to research and develop new products. Collaboration can include an in-house development team, clinical research organizations (CROs), manufacturers, research firms, and experts in scientific and regulatory matters, many of whom are in remote locations around the world. The development process requires maximum security to protect scientific and development secrets and intellectual property.

Collaborating with remote teams and protecting secure data can both be made easier by using a virtual data room (VDR), an online platform where a life science company can store and share confidential documents. The number one VDR for life sciences is ShareVault - the company has been serving life science companies for more than 15 years and has been selected by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and 40 other life science industry trade associations for their Business Solutions Program.

Here are just a few reasons why life science companies choose ShareVault:

Uniform Organization

By using a VDR as the hub for product research and development, companies with geo-diverse collaboration teams have a centralized archive for all documents. Users anywhere in the world can work on and share their efforts, with a standardized approach to access and collaboration.

To facilitate set up and organization, ShareVault includes smart software tools:

Confident Control

With leading-edge organizational tools, Sharevault VDR software ensures secure document sharing. The VDR administrator manages a set of permissioning protocols that determine which users can access a document and what actions the user may take - read only, edit, copy/paste, print, download, and/or screenshots. Deadlines can also be applied to documents, limiting access to a designated period of time and encouraging timely review. Even downloaded documents can have access revoked and, if necessary, remotely shredded, to ensure that sensitive information remains with the organization and its authorized users.

When confidential documents need to be shared outside the company, dynamic watermarks with the user’s name, email, IP address and other customizable data discourages unapproved sharing.

Intuitive Interface

Sharevault’s virtual data room and user-friendly software are well-equipped to accommodate collaboration. The virtual document viewers are designed for minimal visual clutter, so the content is more easily understood. Documents can be viewed individually or side by side for comparison.

ShareVault includes Q&A features that allow users to submit questions, and a built-in workflow for facilitating responses. Monitoring and reporting tools also help track when documents are viewed and by whom, so administrators can see which users are prioritizing specific data. The monitoring function can produce an audit trail suitable for regulatory review.

The Virtual Data Room Software Edge

ShareVault’s enterprise-grade security and intuitive data room software are essential for today’s life science research and development projects. Many companies also use ShareVault for other critical, confidential projects such as contracts and partnering agreements, licensing, fundraising, and mergers and acquisitions.

Visit ShareVault to learn more about how our data room software can help you and your life science business maintain the integrity of your research and development projects.

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