Fast & Easy Web Application

Fast & Easy Web Application

Users can access your content securely from anywhere in the world from any browser with nothing to install.

No IT Support Required

ShareVault runs securely and reliably in standard browsers on macs or PCs outside the control of IT. Or use our iOS and Android apps to browse and view content securely from your smartphone or tablet.

Lightweight and Fast

Most data rooms and secure file sharing solutions are clunky and require endless clicking to make changes, but ShareVault makes you more productive, with a fast, responsive user interface and minimal clicking.

Multiple Languages

End users can select from 5 languages for the user interface: English, French, German, Spanish and Mandarin. In addition, ShareVault supports Unicode, so tags (folders), user names, group names, and full-text search are all supported for virtually any script including Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, Cherokee, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Ethiopic, Georgian, Greek, Gurmukhi, Han (Japanese, Chinese and Korean ideographs), Hangul, Hebrew, Hiragana, Kannada, Katakana, Khmer, Lao, Latin, Malayalam, Mongolian, Myanmar, Oriya, Sinhala, Syriac, Tamil, Telugu, Thaana, Thai, Tibetan, and Yi.

Built-in Help Pages and Video Tutorials

ShareVault has built-in help pages that provide clear and concise explanations of how to use ShareVault. Each major help topic also provides a short video tutorial showing you how to use the corresponding module.

Users can access your content securely from anywhere in the world from any browser with nothing to install, or from any iOS or Android device.

Blackout Screen Increases Productivity

All other secure web applications kick you out to the login page when your session becomes inactive. ShareVault's innovative blackscreen feature blacks out the screen instead of logging you out. Just enter your password, and the blackscreen is lifted, putting you back exactly where you were when the session timed-out. Since most of our users live in an interrupt-driven world, this is a huge time saver, and it's only available from ShareVault.

Consistent Worldwide Data Transfer Performance — Even in China

ShareVault's internet data transfer speed, vital for snappy document viewing, fast downloads and quick uploads, is optimized worldwide, even in China. To achieve this performance, ShareVault uses Cloudflare Argo Smart Routing, which uses the vast Cloudflare global network to boost ShareVault's data transfer speeds, reduce application latency and optimize performance around the world. Our use of Cloudflare Argo Smart Routing also makes ShareVault one of the few Virtual Data Room platforms that can be accessible behind China's Great Firewall.

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