Monitor User Activity

Audit-Trail Analytics

From logins to policy changes, we track more than 70 different types of user activities, so you get the most precise audit trail and have complete accountability for everything that happened.

Activity Audit Trail

The detailed Activity List provides a comprehensive audit trail which includes every user login, agreement signing, video watched or document viewed, printed or downloaded, with amazing specificity. You can trace the chronology of activities by user and get incredible insights on their interest level and what they care about.

This same level of detail is applied to all administrative activities as well, to give you everything you need to backtrack security and profile changes and effortlessly respond to any audit. We log everything from new permission setting to the most trivial action like changing a watermark color. You can rest assured that ShareVault is the most auditable data room on the market.

IP Address Tracking

ShareVault Pro and ShareVault Enterprise track the IP addresses of your users, with built-in geolocation and organization lookup, so you can see from where your users are logged-in as they access your data.

Data Feed to SEIM

Along with SSO, many large enterprises desire to aggregate event tracking on a SEIM platform, so they have a single source of truth for tracking user activities across all applications. ShareVault supports both of these requirement too. All the analytics data collected can be streamed in real-time to your SEIM of choice through our API.

Agreement Proof

With ShareVault Pro and Enterprise login tracking behavior is more sophisticated. We support the Clickwrap standard for tracking entry page agreements when someone logs into your data room. This means you can bypass manual processes to obtain NDAs, CDAs and LOIs outside of the system, before inviting a user to the data room, and instead obtain their legally binding eSignature on their first and subsequent logins to the system.

ShareVault’s login procedure can optionally present your latest agreement every time a user logs in (frequency optional) or each time it changes, and every time it is accepted, we log the time, ip address and other fingerprint data – all of which makes the log completely defensible in court.

See how Clickwrap streamlines onboarding

All this can dramatically shorten the time it takes to get new users onboarded to your data room, and getting on with the task of due diligence or whatever their reason for being invited.

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