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As security risks increase, leading organizations are taking more precautions to protect their documents from falling into the wrong hands. With ShareVault, your confidential business files will be afforded maximum protection, and you can organize and access them with the ultimate ease. Whether you're doing a deal with external parties or keeping your most important business files organized and secured within your organization, ShareVault allows you to rest assured that your important information is safe, so you can Focus On Your Business. Not On Software.

Below we've provided recommendations for selecting the ideal solution:

ShareVault protects your documents with multiple levels of encryption.

Certifications including SOC 1/2/3, PCI, ISO 90001 / 27001 / 27017 / 27018, FedRAMP Moderate, DoD CC SRG IL2, HIPAA, and HITRUST confirm that trusted third parties have verified the solution's adherence to the proclaimed security controls and their effectiveness.

Files should be encrypted at rest with AES-256, and all connections to them on the server should be via HTTPS over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), providing AES-256 encryption in transit. Moreover, an Enhanced Validation (EV) certificate will provide further assurance that best practices have been followed for domain identity validation.

Certifications for ShareVault Secure Business File Sharing

Focus On Your Business. Not On Software.

ShareVault allows you to "remotely shred" a document you no longer want someone to open.

Protected documents should be AES-256 bit encrypted so that they can be remotely "shredded." That is, you should be able to revoke a user's permission to open a document retroactively, even for files already downloaded. And ensure that this capability does not require clunky plug-ins that frustrate users and slow down the document review process.


Remotely Shred Documents You Don't Want Someone to See

ShareVault allows you to integrate and sync with internal file sharing systems.

Ensure the secure business file sharing solution provides connectors that will enable seamless integration with internal file sharing applications like Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, Office365 and DocuSign.

You should be able to add multiple connectors to aggregate content from different organizations so that your external users can log in to a single web application to securely access content from all of your various cloud-based services.


Securely Sync with Less Secure File Sharing Apps

ShareVault gives you flexible security permissions for different users and groups.

It is essential that you have flexibility in assigning permissions for a particular user or group of users. Ideally, you should be able to specify whether or not users have the right to print, save, copy/paste text, capture the screen or access the original document, and whether a watermark should be applied. Many solutions only have limited levels of security.

It is also very important to be able to quickly update the various policies as users and groups move to different levels of trust and you want to share more or less with them.


Set Flexible Security Permissions

ShareVault allows you to set an expiration date to ensure someone can only see the document before a certain day.

You should be able to include an expiration date and time for any policy, so that a user will no longer be able to access documents once the expiration date passes. This allows you to automatically enforce deadlines associated with your business processes. It is also a great way to ensure that you don't forget to revoke access to a user at a later date when he or she shouldn't have access to the information anymore.


Set Expiration Date for Maximum Security

ShareVault allows page-level user tracking and reporting so you can see who has seen what and for how long.

You will want to have a detailed audit trail of user interaction with the confidential documents you are sharing. Ensure that you can filter the activity by date/time, activity, group, user or tag. It is helpful if the filtered activity is presented both on a graphical timeline and as a scrollable list of events, with detailed metrics including which specific pages were viewed and how much time was spent actively reading.


Track Page-Level User Activity

ShareVault allows you to use two-factor authentication and single sign-on.

The secure business file sharing solution you select should offer two-step verification (also known as two-factor authentication), which enhances the security of a user's login process by requiring the entry of a secure code which is either delivered by text message to the user's phone, or via the Google Authenticator app (available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry).


Require Users to Authenticate with a Code

ShareVault provides automatic file conversion to PDF for maximum document security.

In order to ensure that your documents are not altered, it is very important that your secure business file sharing solution automatically converts documents to PDF when uploaded. It is also important that you can set the permissions such that end users can be either permitted to access the original document or prevented from accessing it, such that they can only view the protected PDF.


Automatic Conversion to PDF for Maximum Security

ShareVault allows you to seamlessly share documents with DocuSign without compromising security.

It is very helpful to choose a solution that enables you to send documents out for signatures using DocuSign, without requiring that those documents leave the secure location within the secure business file sharing solution. You should be able to take advantage of all of the powerful DocuSign features right within your file sharing solution. These include email alerts, signature placements, form fields, template design, and the eSignature workflow flexibility.


Secure Integration with DocuSign

ShareVault allows users to submit questions and view answers securely.

Your end users should be able to ask private questions about your documents and then have the question routed to Q&A Moderators who will be notified whenever your users ask questions. Moderators should be able to forward questions to appropriate subject matter experts, and then approve or reject the response before replying to the end user. The moderator(s) should be able to decide to share questions and answers with other users as desired.


Secure Questions and Answers

ShareVault provides a "View As" capability so you can double-check a user's permissions are set correctly.

In order to be extra careful that your documents do not fall into the wrong hands, it is important to be able to double-check that certain users and groups cannot access certain types of documents. Using a "View As" feature, you can view your files from the perspective of a certain user, giving you more confidence that permissions are set correctly.


View As a User to Double-Check Security Policies

ShareVault makes it a snap to organize and find documents, set security policies, and upload documents for secure sharing.

Ease of use is a crucial feature for a secure business file sharing solution. If the software is difficult to use, it is much easier to make mistakes when sharing documents and setting sharing policies. In addition, your end users will have a difficult time finding what they need, and thereby will spend less time viewing the documents you want them to see. Make sure you choose a solution that is powerful but also inuitive to use.


Easily and Securely Organize and Find Documents

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