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The production lifecycle of any film, theatre performance, TV series or episode begins with development and then moves on to pre-production, production, post-production and eventually distribution. Each of these stages requires extensive collaboration and information sharing with hundreds of individuals and multiple third parties. Today, many production companies are finding that using a cloud-based platform that is customized for each stage of the production process is the best way to ensure that a project has every chance for success.

Using a cloud-based platform can streamline the collaboration between the multiple parties and numerous individuals during each phase of production. But what about security? If any of the files shared during these collaborations makes it to the public domain, the result could be disastrous. That's why the media and entertainment industry turns to ShareVault for it's powerful and easy-to-use document control features.


Once the concept for a movie, series or performance is born the, collaboration begins. During Development themes are created, a synopsis and eventually, a script. Then, perhaps, a treatment. A distributor will be consulted regarding the target market, and a screenplay is developed. A pitch is then prepared and presented to potential directors. When a pitch is approved, financial backing is then sought from a major studio, an independent investor or a film council. Negotiations are conducted and contracts are signed. Using ShareVault to organize this collaboration securely streamlines the process and reduces costs. Using our Docusign integration, you can even sign contracts from right within ShareVault.


During Pre-Production crews are hired, talent is casted and shoot locations are scouted. ShareVault provides a platform where photographs, contracts, portfolios, budgets and location assessments can be organized logically and shared securely with the parties that need access to them, from anywhere, at anytime.


ShareVault is the perfect platform to organize and securely share production schedules, tasks and milestones, so you can collaborate effortlessly with production crews and project stakeholders no matter their location.

Post Production

Post Production requires managing large digital media files and collaborating with multiple parties who may not be in the same location. ShareVault allows for large digital media files to be securely shared quickly and easily, accelerating the Post Production process and allowing for a wider range of expertise to be involved. Unlike most cloud-based document storage solutions which can limit your filesizes, ShareVault does not put a limit on your filesize, and our integration with Teridion allows for faster file uploads and downloads.


Distribution doesn't just involve releasing to theatres or TV networks. It also involves promotion via press interviews, advertising, previews and film festivals. ShareVault allows for organized and secure sharing of information with all of the third parties during distribution and promotion.

The media and entertainment industry fast-moving with tight deadlines and fixed budgets requiring constant collaboration. ShareVault is the ideal platform for organizing and securing your content at each stage of the this collaboration.