Virtual Data Room for the
Media & Entertainment Industry

Production is a long and complicated process. Before the final footage is officially released, it’s shared with many departments that contribute to creating a work of art. As there are many steps between pre-production and eventual distribution, the entertainment industry is always at risk of leaked footage which could have serious financial consequences.

That's why production houses in the media and entertainment industry around the globe are turning to ShareVault - a virtual data room solution with powerful and easy-to-use file access control features along with secure content sharing capabilities - to protect their assets through the media production lifecycle.

Since production involves different departments, using a VDR solution like ShareVault enables collaboration between multiple parties and individuals at each phase of production without compromising on the security and confidentiality of the intellectual property.

Built for Sharing Confidential Documents

ShareVault is a secure file-sharing solution used by the Entertainment and Media Industry which lets users safely share confidential assets without running the risk of a leak.

ShareVault comes with a wide variety of integration options, an intuitive user interface, superb analytics, and 24/7 support for admin and users.

  • Share any type of doc or media, and protect it from tampering and theft
  • Control who can see which assets and what they can do with them
  • Get complete visibility on who looked at what, and what they did with it
  • Enjoy total auditability, we track every admin action however small

Superior Access Control

From remote shredding to watermarks, we provide the most granular controls for managing user and group access to different classes of data based on custom security policies.

Unprecedented Accountability

Our level of auditability is not matched in other VDRs. From permission changes to file uploads we track every admin action, so everyone is accountable and there is never any finger pointing.

Dynamic Native File Protection

DNFP enables Zero-Trust sharing of work-in-process projects in native formats among contributors. Stops the possibility of a leak by insiders, partners, and stakeholders.

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Example Deals Closed Using ShareVault Data Rooms

Common Data Room Applications
for Media and Entertainment Industry

Seamless Coordination

Organize and securely share production schedules, tasks, and milestones. Coordinate effortlessly with production crews and project stakeholders no matter their location.

Secure Collaboration

Enable seamless collaboration among departments and stakeholders involved in the film-making process while minimizing the chance of a story or script leak.

Digital Contract Signing

Say goodbye to the hassle of signing contracts in person. With ShareVault’s Docusign integration, users can sign contracts inside the virtual data room.


ShareVault reviews sourced by G2

ShareVault Customer Testimonials

“We used ShareVault for our acquisition by GE Healthcare as it offered a secure and easy to use platform for a multi-party document sharing process. We had a huge number of users with the need for varying levels of access, but ShareVault’s intuitive user interface and flexible operation kept the process straightforward and streamlined. We liked the drag and drop architecture and the way that ShareVault made it easy to report on user activity. ShareVault did exactly what was required by our process. We would definitely use it again and recommend it to others.”

— Oliver Hardick,

“Patrys uses Sharevault for business development and a range of corporate activities. As a BD tool for a biotechnology company, the Sharevault platform is ideal – it’s secure, easy for counter-parties to use, and easy for our team to track who has been looking at what. This let us prepare in advance for questions that could be forthcoming, reducing the transaction times and enhancing the reputation of our small company.

Corporately, we have used ShareVault for sharing large volumes of confidential material with a range of service providers. Sharevault ticks all the boxes for us, and for our collaborators and counter-parties.”

— James Campbell,
Patrys Limited

“ShareVault has also been very beneficial internally as we strive to be transparent within groups while still maintaining a level of professionalism and confidentiality. Our teams now have the confidence that our documents are private, secure and safe from hackers or security breaches. They find ShareVault extremely easy to use and enjoy the organized and easy to follow structure of documents. We also appreciate that we can export the indexes to Excel. This has helped us do periodic internal audits of the users and groups and documents to ensure every user has the appropriate level of access.”

— Andrea Berki,
Assistant Project Manager, SciClone Pharmaceuticals

“We've been ShareVault customers for the past couple of years and have used Sharevault to supply sensitive information to potential investors and business partners with great success. ShareVault's support team is excellent, and the product itself is intuitive and easy to use.”

— Chris McClain,
Founder and Executive Director,
Business Affairs, Nora Therapeutics, Inc., Medical Alley Member