Secure Document Sharing for
Commercial Banking

The global banking crisis combined with massive consolidation has created the perfect storm in the commercial banking sector. The result of this upheaval has been a dramatic increase in deal risks along with much a more stringent regulatory environment. Whether your bank is a community bank, regional bank or global bank, you will likely need to engage in fundraising, M&A, partnering / business development, loan portfolio sales and / or other asset sales. Each of these activities requires efficient and thorough third party due diligence, during which your information must be kept secure. In addition, distributing sensitive documents for the purpose of commercial lending projects, syndicated lending, collaborating with external advisors, investors or board members can be facilitated by a full-featured virtual data room such as ShareVault.

A good virtual data room can help you to more efficiently organize and securely distribute sensitive documents, while keeping detailed tracking information. ShareVault can help you to:

Best of all, you can rely on ShareVault's renowned 24/7 support every step of the way.

ShareVault is increasingly being used by commercial banks for managing the due diligence document review process in a variety of different transaction scenarios and has gained a significant customer base among Commercial Banking customers, including industry leading companies such as CIT, The Bancorp, Atlantic Bank & Trust, Wilshire State Bank, BB&T, The Bank of Fayetteville, Pacific Capital Bancorp, Bermuda Commercial Bank, and more.


  • Due Diligence for Loan Portfolio Sales or Other Asset Sales
  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Due Diligence for Spin-Outs
  • Secure Document Distribution for Syndicated Lending
  • Document Exchange for Commercial Lending Projects
  • Board Communication
  • Investor Communications

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