Virtual Data Room Solution for
Universities & Research Institutes

Technology Transfer Offices of universities and research institutes are obligated to organize, manage, and protect intellectual property. Moreover, the offices are responsible for the commercialization of intellectual property via patents, licenses, and spin-off creations.

Since the process requires sharing of confidential information with multiple third parties, it becomes challenging for TTOs to share documents and needed information with stakeholders and potential licensees without losing control of the underlying intellectual property.

Hence, Technology Transfer Offices around the world use ShareVault as a Virtual Data Room Solution for secure document-sharing in the life sciences, physical sciences, information sciences, engineering, and many other disciplines.

A virtual data room enables TTOs representing universities and research institutes to interact with colleagues, collaborate with concerned parties, and share sensitive data with uncompromising security.

Built for Sharing Confidential Documents

ShareVault is a secure VDR and file sharing solution that suits Universities and Research Institutes who need to share confidential documents and sensitive intellectual property data with research sponsors and concerned parties including the scientific community.

Offering the broadest selection of enterprise integration options, an intuitive interface, great reporting, and 24/7 support for users, ShareVault is widely regarded as one of the easiest to use virtual data rooms, with the most flexible security policies fit to handle any secure document sharing scenario, on or off campus.

Superior Document Control

The industry’s strongest document security features granular permissions, custom policies, remote shredding, audit trails, and more, letting you safely share sensitive documents.

Detailed Audit and Reports

Custom reporting lets you get detailed audit trails and analyse user actions, even monitor page-level activity for shared documents. Heat maps visualize user activity across the data room.

Dynamic Native File Protection

DNFP enables Zero-Trust sharing of confidential documents in native formats among concerned parties. Stops sensitive intellectual property information leaks by insiders and partners.

A Few of Our Universities & Research Institutes Customers

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A Few Deals Closed Using
ShareVault Virtual Data Rooms

Common Data Room Applications for
Universities & Research Institutes

Security Assurance

Assure your Principal Investigators that you have the best VDR solution to protect intellectual property with sophisticated rights management technology.

Fundraising and Research Grants

Share sensitive information with potential investors, research sponsors and project stakeholders with unparalleled protection of your intellectual property.

Secure Licensing & Patents

Share sensitive information and data required for the licensing or patents - minimizing the possibility of leaks, data theft, and information infiltration.


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ShareVault Customer Testimonials

“Among ShareVault’s features, the reporting tools are the most valuable. There are any number of ways to share files, but ShareVault gives us the peace of mind that we’re doing it securely and with the added benefit of a detailed audit trail. Our research team and members of the marketing team often ask me for an activity report, so they can see who’s been in the data room and what they’ve been looking at. With ShareVault, I can do that with a click of the mouse.”

— Senior Associate Director,
Technology Transfer Development Office