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Technology transfer offices of leading universities and research institutes worldwide use ShareVault to share confidential documentation for licensing deals

Technology transfer offices of universities and research institutes are challenged with providing all of the documentation and information needed for potential licensees to evaluate a technology, without losing control of the underlying intellectual property and know-how. Technology transfer offices across the globe use ShareVault to share documentation for licensing innovations in the life sciences, physical sciences, information sciences and engineering disciplines. ShareVault provides a highly secure, powerful, and easy-to-use document-sharing solution that is ideally suited to meet your requirements:

  • Assure your PIs (principal investigators) that you are using the best available solution to protect intellectual property, with sophisticated, yet easy-to-use document control technology.
  • Cast a broader net to court multiple global partners.
  • Present and organize your documents professionally in a hierarchical structure, fully searchable and tagged for efficient review.
  • Stage the disclosure of intellectual property — ShareVault can be used to move potential licensees through progressive unveiling of information and rights as your licensing deals progress.
  • Analyze the activity of your users — who has seen each document? Which pages? When? For how long? Even when the intellectual property is patented, it can still be important to monitor your potential licensees' activity to determine the degree of interest and focus.
  • Expedite the handling of questions by using the ShareVault's powerful and easy-to-use Q&A feature
  • Accelerate the review of documents by potential licensees, for faster technology due diligence.

In addition, for institutions in jurisdictions for which open records regulations apply, ShareVault can be used to protect you and the potential licensees from having to expose confidential information.

ShareVault expedites communication and collaboration between institutions, potential licensees and other participants during technology licensing deals, not only reducing the duration of document sharing and review, but also improving the deal terms in many cases through increased transparency. To learn more about ShareVault for technology transfer applications, please sign-up for a personalized demo.

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