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Energy & Resources

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Oil & Gas Industry Trends & Challenges

Today's Energy and Resources sectors are in a state of unprecedented flux as completely new market challenges emerge, including volatility in commodity prices, geo-political instability, stricter environmental regulations, new innovations and breakthroughs in technology.

To thrive in this demanding climate, and as the commodities "super-cycle" winds down, energy companies are finding themselves in an increasingly collaborative arena where alliances are critical. Successful alliances, whether through partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures or strategic investments, require efficient and thorough due diligence during which sensitive information must be shared efficiently and securely with other parties.

The ShareVault platform enables management teams to organize sensitive documents in advance of a deal so that when the transaction moves forward documents are in place, organized, and ready to be securely shared with parties outside the company, providing the ability to more quickly seize upon attractive exit-strategy opportunities or assist in takeover defense. ShareVault's services continue to support numerous high-asset value transactions worldwide in this capacity.

Because of the many advantages of sharing documents using a ShareVault virtual data room, it has gained a significant customer base among Energy and Resources firms including industry-leading companies such as US Corp, Tetra, Redleaf Resources, IncaPacific, Quantex Energy, Australian-American Energy, Consolidated Thompson, Aura Minerals, Dahlman & Rose and more.



Because of the highly dynamic nature of today's Energy and Resources sectors characterized by volatile markets, increased collaboration and multiple levels of regulatory oversight, fundraising challenges abound. It becomes imperative in this climate to manage the exchange of sensitive information with multiple, diverse and geographically dispersed parties in both an efficient and secure manner. The right virtual data room not only ensures that sensitive information remains secure, but significantly streamlines the due diligence process, shortening transaction timelines and reducing costs.

ShareVault is ideally suited for the Energy and Resources industries when presenting investor documents for due diligence in an arena that is both global and multilingual.

Business Development

When Energy and Resources companies collaborate to develop new business partnerships, the opportunities can be enormous, but so can the risks. The due diligence process, conducted by one, or both of the companies, can be both extensive and time consuming. To optimize the due diligence process, and to ensure that both parties are fully aware of the risks and rewards, it's imperative that all relevant due diligence documents are housed in a repository that is fully accessible, but also completely secure.

ShareVault virtual data rooms are easy to set up, intuitive to use, are equipped with powerful reporting analytics and have a centralized Q&A module where users can ask questions and quickly get answers ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the due diligence process.


Whether buying or selling oil and gas assets both speed and comprehensive information is paramount. ShareVault's oil and gas customers rely heavily on the intuitive nature of inviting users to the data room, the simplicity of creating the due diligence structure, and how easy it is to set permissions defining which users get to see which documents and what they're allowed to do with them, ensuring that confidential engineering, geological and financial data remains completely secure. ShareVault makes the entire due diligence process convenient, secure and affordable.

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