Virtual Data Room for
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Ultra-Secure Virtual Data Room


When sharing confidential documents in an asset sale evaluation, security should be a primary concern. Leaks of information are not only a competitive liability but are also a lure for hackers and malware. Since asset sale due diligence typically involves collaboration with analysts, accountants, lawyers, and other third parties in different locations, the due diligence team is best served by a secure environment for archiving and sharing documents: a virtual data room (VDR).

ShareVault’s VDR platform is ultra-secure and field-tested. It has facilitated tens of billions of dollars in deals for real estate, property plant and equipment (PP&E), intellectual property, and core and non-core business units, including asset sales to multiple parties.

ShareVault’s secure document sharing platform makes the process of document sharing and review as easy and cost-efficient as possible. ShareVault even protects work-in-progress documents and provides an audit trail of every collaboration.

ShareVault is the industry’s most trustworthy VDR for asset sale due diligence. Our goal is clear: Let clients focus on the deal, not on the software.

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Key features of Data Rooms

Unique Doc Security Options

How to get the best software solution for your deal:

Select a platform that meets the highest cyber-security standards.

Trusted third parties have verified and certified ShareVault's adherence to the best security practices: SOC 1/2/3, PCI, ISO 90001 / 27001 / 27017 / 27018, FedRAMP Moderate, DoD CC SRG IL2, HIPAA, and HITRUST.

ShareVault encrypts all documents at rest with AES-256 encryption and provides AES-256 encryption in transit to encrypt all connections to the files on the server via HTTPS over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). For additional assurance of security, ShareVault also has an enhanced Validation (EV) certificate, which is in line with best practices for domain identity validation.


Certifications for ShareVault Asset Sale Software

“Remotely shred" documents you no longer want someone to see.

By providing your due diligence administrator with the ability to revoke a user's permission to open a document, you can prevent the user from viewing it, even if it has already been downloaded onto the user’s computer or device. For example, if a potential buyer backs out or you cut them out of the deal, they no longer have access to any of the confidential information relating to your asset sale.

Since ShareVault protects your files with AES-256 encryption, no slow, clunky, third-party plug-ins are required, which improves the user experience.


Remotely Shred Documents

Easily stage asset sale documents to provide controlled access.

ShareVault’s flexible permissions protocols allow the VDR administrator to control which users and user groups have access to confidential documents, and for how long. The administrator can apply a watermark to each page and specify a user’s right to print, save, copy/paste, capture the screen, or access the original document. These permissions can easily be adjusted as the deal evolves.


Flexible Permissions

Set an expiration date to encourage prompt buyer action.

The administrator’s ability to control access among the due diligence team also extends to prospective buyers. He or she can set an expiration date, which will motivate prospects to view documents promptly and speed the deal making process.


Set Expiration Date

Learn how engaged different users are with your materials.

ShareVault’s User Tracking and Reporting feature provides an audit trail for any document. User Tracking can be filtered by date/time, activity, group, user, or tag. This information helps control the due diligence process and provides valuable insight into the interests and concerns of prospective buyers.

The administrator can view activities as a scrollable list of events and/or as a graphical timeline. This information is important in providing metrics for evaluating the due diligence process.


Page-Level Tracking and User Activity Reporting

Use 2FA for increased security and SSO for faster access.

With ShareVault two-step verification, sometimes called two-factor authentication, a user must enter a secure code to log in. The code is typically sent via text message or via the Google Authenticator app. The user will be automatically logged out after a period of inactivity. To keep the process secure yet convenient, the user automatically returns to the same location in the data room when they next log in.


Two-Step Verification

Automatically convert documents to PDF for maximum security.

When confidential asset sale documents are uploaded, ShareVault automatically converts them to PDF (unless the administrator chooses to retain a copy of the original file). The administrator can then control whether a user has access to the original document, or only the protected PDF. For example, a trusted user may have access to an original Excel file, while others can only see the PDF version.


Automatic Conversion to PDF

Use DocuSign and other web apps without compromising security.

ShareVault syncs with DocuSign, which means the due diligence team can securely send asset sale documents to prospects for signatures without leaving its secure VDR environment. ShareVault’s integration with DocuSign includes all its time-saving features, including signature placements, form fields, template design, emails, and eSignature workflow flexibility.

ShareVault also syncs with DropBox, Box, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365. For example, you can update a document in a DropBox directory, and your end-user will see the same update in the ShareVault data room, without requiring you to upload the document multiple times.


Secure Integration with Other Sharing Applications

Securely route user questions to experts using ShareVault Q&A.

User questions are a common and sometimes critical part of the due diligence process. ShareVault provides a Q&A section within its secure VDR environment where users can post questions. The administrator then routes the questions to a Q&A Moderator, who contacts the appropriate subject matter experts. The moderator can decide to share questions and answers with other users, or just with the one who asked the question.

ShareVault’s secure Q&A feature is an efficient protocol for improving the quality of the due diligence process, without risking the accidental leakage of confidential information that occurs if questions are answered via email.


Secure Questions and Answers

Use ShareVault "View As" to verify permissions are set right.

To double-check the confidentiality of documents and ensure permissions are correctly set, ShareVault Data Room administrators have a “View As” feature to see a list of documents accessible to a user, as if they were that user. If a problem arises, the administrator can adjust permissions.


View As a User to Double-Check Security Policies

Smart companies choose ShareVault for its security and ease of use.

Ease of use is critical for any software. ShareVault’s intuitive, easy to use features mean that the due diligence team will spend less time setting up and maintaining the software ad more time ensuring that due diligence materials are accurate and comprehensive. For end users, smart software means faster access to the documents they need to make an informed decision and more time developing a successful deal proposal.

In this case, because the platform is so intuitive and easy to use, it means the due diligence team will spend less time setting up and maintaining the data room and more time ensuring due diligence materials are comprehensive and accurate. For end users, it means faster access to the documents they need to make an informed decision and more time developing a successful deal proposal.


Ease of Use

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