Secure Document Sharing Solutions For Therapeutics Development


With Targeted Therapeutics forecast to reach $142.6 B by 2026, and Digital Therapeutics exploding with a CAGR of 27.7% and set to reach $12.1 Bn by 2026, the medical therapeutics industry is in a period of accelerated change and innovation.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are adopting emerging technologies to develop drugs and therapies and adapting existing scientific techniques to discover new therapeutic approaches including, decentralized and hybrid clinical trials, RNA therapeutics, digital therapeutics.


Therapeutics research is among the most valuable in the world. And nation states have armies of hackers looking for it. The security risks are particularly acute during the research and development process, in which in-house teams collaborating with third parties, may be sharing sensitive data in all forms of documents. Therapeutics companies must ensure that their development process is secure, and confidential data is properly protected.

ShareVault answers that need, with the world’s most secure data room which has specialized features like EMTF support specifically for life sciences companies, as well as collaboration solutions for co-authoring and safe distribution of work-in-progress documents being collaborated on by multiple parties.

Partnering Due Diligence

For small biopharma labs, due diligence from a large BioPharma company can seem like an intimidating and complex process. Don't be overwhelmed - we're here with guidance to help you go through due diligence and come out of it a winner, or a lot better prepared for the next round.

Our due diligence checklist makes early assessment and due diligence screening much simpler. Plus, we have a wealth of webinars and whitepapers developed by experts in biopharma consulting and partnering to help you learn the ropes and successfully position your true value to prospective partners.

Data Room of choice for Therapeutics and other Life Science companies:

ShareVault’s Data Room allows efficient organization with drag-and-drop filing tools and ultra-fast search. Throughout the process, files and collaborations are protected by the industry’s highest levels of security.

To ensure a quality outcome, ShareVault provides advanced document and communication security for internal teams, collaborators, management, and outside parties like investors and regulatory agencies.

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ShareVault is the leading virtual data room provider to the life sciences market, and has been selected by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and more than 50 other life science industry trade associations for their Business Solutions Program

ShareVault Data Rooms are 21 CFR part 11 Compliant. Learn why this is so important for clinical trials

Field-Tested for Therapeutic Application Development

Whether your company is using AI and NLP to and codify decades of expert knowledge to enable evidence-based diagnosis on real-world data, developing new therapies in the lab, or conducting clinical trials, your intellectual property needs adequate protection from cradle to grave. ShareVault provides the best solutions for collaborating on and safely sharing confidential documents internally with partners, regulatory advisors, CROs, CMOs, and other third parties.

Why ShareVault

Secure Document Sharing:

  • Ultra-secure Virtual Data Room (VDR) for collaboration and archiving and sharing confidential files under the strictest permissions and policies, which govern access from in-house users as well as clinical trial teams and third parties in remote locations.
  • ShareVault is the only data room provider that has developed a special features of particular interest to Life Sciences companies. These include Inter-document hyperlinking and integrated eCTD Viewer for fast review of regulatory submissions.

Secure Document Collaboration:

  • Secure Document Sharing for work-in-progress documents that are distributed in their native format to contributors and edited locally.
  • CollabLoop for secure centralized word-compatible document editing, redlining and redacting in the cloud - like Google Docs, only much more secure.

Outstanding Support:


Watch as our panel of Oncology luminaries discusses the scientific, clinical, business development, and commercial opportunities in oncology, and answers big questions like:

  • What does it take to attract investors to a new approach?
  • What attracts committed partners to a new platform?
  • What proprietary data do they want to see from you?


"After struggling with other systems, we moved to ShareVault and have found that inviting users and tailoring the permissioning of documents couldn’t be simpler. We also have every confidence that our sensitive materials are completely secure. When situations change, it’s a snap to change or revoke access."

— Dan Schmitt, Actuate Therapeutics, President & CEO

"ShareVault is more intuitive and user-friendly than other platforms and the technology performs well over a wide range of operating systems, browsers and security barriers. We’ve also found it invaluable to be able to monitor data room activity (down to the page level) of individual users, informing us on the interest level of our clients and allowing us to have constructive follow-up discussions."

— Jonas Ekblom, Promore Pharma, CEO

"Uploading documents to ShareVault is easy and fast and the organizational structure is straightforward and dynamic to our needs. Being able to designate who can access specific documents and then knowing what is being reviewed is also important. It is also very easy to use search terms to find specific documents, which also saves time."

— Eli Thomssen, Armune BioScience, Inc, Chief Business Officer

"The tracking metrics were great, allowing us on a real time basis to see who had been accessing each document and for how long they were logged in. I was very happy with the selection of ShareVault and felt that it contributed to the ability to complete our process on a timely basis."

— Mark Fischer-Colbrie, ADEZA, former CFO

"ShareVault gives us the ability to stage the sharing of intellectual property securely, explore partnerships with a greater number of organizations and share different tiers of information as relationships evolve."

— Jill Jarecki, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, CURE SMA

"With ShareVault, we're prepared for due diligence far ahead of time. Our data is organized, we can grant customized access to potential partners and our information is organized, safe and easy to access."

— Yoke van Oosterhout, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Xenikos

"We chose ShareVault for its ease of use and rich feature set as well as its flexibility for providing secure access to documents in a variety of situations. In our case, we needed the ability to easily manage multiple levels of access. We also appreciate how easy and intuitive ShareVault is to use. Our administrators were publishing in the system and managing documents in a matter of minutes."

— Renny Clark, Gentuity LLC, former CFO of CardioFocus