A safer smarter way to communicate with investors

Whether you are a venture fund, private equity fund, hedge fund, or an alternative investment fund, distributing reports and statements to your limited partners (LPs) is essential – as well as time consuming, expensive, error-prone, and potentially hackable.

The smart solution is a Virtual Data Room (VDR), an ultra-secure online environment that protects confidential documents shared with investors and stakeholders, including K-1s, capital calls, and distribution statements.

This same VDR platform also provides a secure workplace for the fund’s team as they collaborate with analysts, account managers, and other experts, often in remote locations, to co-author reports and statements.

Unlike email and other distribution channels, all correspondence with investor parties and collaborations among the fund team are bank-grade secure.

Industry leader in secure document sharing

ShareVault data rooms have been field-tested for more than fifteen years with major finance firms and has facilitated tens of billions of dollars in institutional investments, restructurings, turnarounds, and merger and acquisition deals.

ShareVault’s secure online platform for LP Portals makes it fast and easy for the team to organize, view, and access both archival and work-in-progress documents, then publish the completed statements and reports for investors to review.

With a ShareVault data room you are in complete control. You can publish whatever you like whenever you like, no relying on a webmaster or IT to schedule you in. You can add and remove people and organize them in groups so the right people see only what they need to see. Best of all you can track exactly what everyone did, even down to which pages they looked at.

Built for Sharing Confidential Documents

ShareVault is a secure file-sharing solution for the Financial Services industry which enables organized sharing of confidential documents and sensitive information with investors and stakeholders for asset sales, M&A due diligence, lending projects, investor communications and more.

Offering the broadest selection of enterprise integration options, great reporting, and award-winning 24/7 support, ShareVault is widely regarded as one of the easiest to use virtual data rooms, with the most flexible security policies fit to handle any secure document sharing scenario.

Customers love ShareVault’s intuitive user interface which makes it easy to search for and find anything quickly, and get right to the page they want, even in the longest documents.

ShareVault is a proven solution for Investment Communications.

By providing an ultra-secure environment for a fund’s LP Portal and cloud software that facilitates collaboration on working documents, ShareVault data rooms are a go-to solution for Investor Communications.

Your data room LP Portal administrator can maintain password-protected control over access of each user, down to the document level. Access policies include the ability to view only, view and print, and view for a limited time among many more options. For example you may allow some documents to be printed, others only viewed - no printing, no screenshots, no nothing. Just look, don’t touch.

These controls allow your firm to efficiently and precisely meet investor transparency requirements without putting valuable documents at risk or making you investors jump through ridiculous hoops to see them.

Audit trail and reporting

ShareVault provides detailed reports on who viewed which documents, when, and for how long. Even the pages viewed are recorded. As part of our commitment to Zero Trust and maximizing accountability, the platform also supports Clickwrap which is a standardized mechanism to digitally capture a user’s agreement to say, your terms and conditions.

We literally track everything and have the most detailed audit trail there is. From a user login, to a page view, to an administrator changing a document policy, or a group’s privileges, nothing goes undetected and unrecorded. This is especially important when you have multiple administrators managing a data room, our audit trail keeps everyone accountable and reduces the chance of mistakes.

As far as your users are concerned, all this behavior tracking means you get terrific intelligence on what they looked at and where they spent their time. And when it matters, you can be quite certain about who has and has not seen certain documents.

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“Not only did ShareVault solve my challenge of meeting quarterly investor reporting deadlines, but when I needed assistance at 2:30 AM the ShareVault Team was there to help. Great product with excellent service!”

Christine Johnson, Director, Asset Management, Elan Properties Inc.

“ShareVault is great. It is easy to use for anyone, whether they are technology-saavy or not.”

Brian Rowett, Investment Banking Associate at Goldman Sachs

"Our firm and especially our clients greatly appreciate the enhanced security that ShareVault offers. We are using ShareVault as a tool for our clients and their investors to be able to securely share documents. So far this has proven to be an easy and secure process."

Adam Wobrock, Senior Fund Accountant at Fidelity Investments

"Publishing reports and keeping everyone up to date, used to be really time-consuming. But now it’s a breeze, because I am in complete control. ShareVault saves me a lot of time when it comes to updating investors quarterly reports and making sure everyone sees them."

Maria Stafford, Fund Administrator, Courtyard Properties

“The ShareVault Q&A feature allows Redwood to consolidate and archive all comments and questions from various parties in one location, rather than having to sort through numerous emails sent to different data room administrators from different constituents to track down one question or response.”

Eric Treu, Associate, Redwood Capital

“Among ShareVault’s features, the reporting tools are the most valuable. There are any number of ways to share files, but ShareVault gives us the peace of mind that we’re doing it securely and with the added benefit of a detailed audit trail.”

Senior Associate Director, Technology Transfer Development Office