User-friendly Features of Our Virtual Data Rooms

9 December, 2022

Companies choose a Virtual Data Room (VDR) to protect confidential information, especially during M&A due diligence, pharma product development, vendor contracts and partner agreements, and other activities that require secure document sharing. These activities are typically on a tight deadline, so it’s important to choose virtual data room software with a user-friendly interface and intuitive features that are specifically designed to streamline the due diligence process.

ShareVault offers user-friendly features to allow users to move quickly and efficiently through their virtual data rooms. Sign up for your free trial today to experience the difference ShareVault can make for your business.

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ShareVault's User-Friendly Features

Hierarchical Tags

Organizing your documents is key to an efficient virtual data room. One of the best things about ShareVault is that you don't have to create multiple copies of a document and place them in multiple folder locations. Instead, our hierarchical tags feature lets you create one or more hashtags so a single document will appear in multiple folders, saving time and money. Only ShareVault provides this feature.

Index Auto-Numbering

ShareVault can automatically number your indexed hierarchy, so that as you add new tags, or use drag-and-drop reordering, the numbering automatically updates. Due Diligence lists are traditionally numbered in this fashion, so this feature is a significant timesaver for due diligence. To avoid changing the numbering after you've “gone live”, use the “freeze index” feature, which prevents the index from being renumbered by always putting new content at the end.

Smart Filters

With ShareVault's smart filters, you can quickly sort through files and documents to find exactly what you need. The filters allow you to search by file type, files published by specific people or groups, recent, and read/unread. Admins have additional filters for "viewed by" to show who has accessed a document and "viewable by," which shows people with permission to access a particular document.

Infinite Scrolling

ShareVault is the only solution of its kind offering “Infinite Scrolling”, which accelerates the document review process by vastly reducing the amount of clicking required to browse through your content. Remember that your users don't know how you've organized your content, so they would have to “hunt and peck” to find what they're looking for in folders. With ShareVault, they can rapidly scroll through your documents to get familiar with the contents of your vault. The infinite scrolling technology, similar to Pinterest and other state-of-the-art web applications, is extremely difficult to implement, and is yet another example of how ShareVault's innovative software technology sets it apart from the competition.

Favorite Categories

Some files are more important to some users than others. By marking a file as a favorite, you can easily access it without searching for it every time. That's especially useful if a user needs to come back to a file or document frequently. To mark a file as a favorite, click the "star" icon next to a document, and it will be added to your favorites list.

Zoomable Thumbnails

ShareVault's zoomable thumbnails feature shows you a preview of the first page of a document by hovering your mouse over the image, so you don't have to open the file to get an idea of what's inside. This feature lets you quickly see what content is included in each document, so you can decide if it's relevant to your search.

Drag-and-Drop Reordering

From time to time you'll need to re-sort your files. With ShareVault, it’s fast and easy: simply drag-and-drop. This feature also works for tags so that you can keep your hierarchy organized with ease. When you use drag-and-drop, the auto numbering feature will update as well.


When reviewing documents during due diligence, questions inevitably arise. ShareVault facilitates that process with a built-in “Q&A” module.

When questions arise or clarification is needed, a user can simply click on the Q&A button. A dialog box appears so that a user can post a question and receive replies from team members or project experts.

Fast Invites

ShareVault makes it easy to add team members or outside experts as your project evolves. The project administrator has an interface with a list of users, and he or she can quickly add or delete users as the project advances. When due diligence is complete, the admin can use this same feature to invite viewing by potential investors or to share documents with regulatory agencies.

Get ShareVault's Virtual Data Rooms and Enjoy our User-friendly Features

We've designed ShareVault with user-friendliness in mind. Our features save you time and make your experience in the data room as productive and smooth as possible. Sign up for a free trial and see how easy it is to use ShareVault. Contact us today, and we'll gladly address any of your questions or concerns.

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