User Activity Reporting

ShareVault gives you more detailed information on user activity than any other virtual data room, providing insightful business intelligence into your users’ document review progress, and interests.

Custom Reports

Powerful built-in queries, filters and drilldowns along with full text search enable you to drill down to the data you are interested in with exceptional precision. Want to know which user in a specific group is most active or see which documents were most popular in the last 2 days? No problem, the answer is just a few dropdown selections or checkbox clicks away – every time.

Any custom configuration you come up with can be saved for future use and scheduled reporting. You can email and print your reports and/or export to Excel for further analysis.

Exceptional Detail

The amount of detail available for every logged action depends on your plan. ShareVault Pro and ShareVault Enterprise provide additional tracking information including specific pages viewed and the amount of time spent viewing each document. Regarding video and audio, ShareVault tracks the exact start and stop time of video segments watched, so you can clearly establish what was actually seen.

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Heat Map Visualization

Document viewing activity data can be shown in a number of numerical ways: the absolute number or the percentage of documents viewed, or it could be reversed to look at the number not viewed. However, it’s sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees only with numbers. The color-coded heat map is easy to toggle on and off without changing your custom filters, and this makes it a cinch to quickly visualize the most active groups, individuals and documents within your filtered results.

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Scheduled Reports

Whether it is a summary report or a detailed activity list of recent administrative actions for a specific group of users you can generate a printable report and distribute it by email, one time or on a regular schedule. Any custom report can be saved and scheduled for distribution to whomever you choose and as frequently as you like.

This can be extremely useful in helping management to stay on top of Due Diligence progress getting insights on who is active and who is not and perhaps the why and why not in each case… OR other activities such as Board Meeting follow up: “Did anyone look at those docs we published, do they need reminding?” …and many other uses cases, where knowing who did what, and how much they did, is valuable.

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