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Patient information must be kept secure in healthcare at all times. The HIPAA Privacy Rule is designed to assure PHI (Personal Health Information) protection for the covered entities - ensuring patients’ rights are never compromised. Any leak of information puts organizations at risk of potential lawsuits and it damages their status of compliance and reputation.

While advances in digital technology have greatly aided healthcare delivery, they have also given rise to information security threats. As secure document sharing is necessary in the provision of patient care, a virtual data room can be used to ensure PHI protection and patient confidentiality, while enabling safe, convenient sharing of information with parties who do not have access to EHR.

ShareVault virtual data rooms are used by healthcare organizations worldwide. It’s a data room solution equipped with the industry’s most advanced document-sharing capabilities and highly granular access control policies. Using ShareVault, health organizations can confidently share sensitive patient information and company data with payers, providers, patient care teams, and relevant stakeholders without compromising information security.

Built for Sharing Confidential Documents

ShareVault is a virtual data room platform that enables Healthcare Industry professionals to share confidential documents with concerned stakeholders to ensure PHI protection and regulatory compliance.

ShareVault offers a variety of options to enable rapid integration with cloud storage solutions such as Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint or Google Drive you may already use internally, to streamline deployment and importing your content to the data room. The intuitive user interface makes it a breeze for users to quickly find the information they want, digest it and move on.

Seamless Information Security

Secure patient information and important healthcare data with granular access permissions, configurable policies, remote shredding, and more.

Superior Document Control

Customize document security policies per user, folder, group, and more to ensure PHI security. Disable text copying, printing, document saving, and screen capture.

Activity Monitoring and Audit Trail

Get detailed reports about which documents, even which pages were read by whom, and for how long. Visualize user activity across the data room with a heat map.

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A Few Deals Closed Using
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Common Data Room Applications
for Healthcare

Secure Sharing & Access

Securely share financial files, legal documents, PHI, and PII with your care teams, providers, and payers for quick access on virtually any device.


Share sensitive information and documents with potential investors and partners with unparalleled security to ensure the protection of your intellectual property.

Seamless Collaboration

Organize and share sensitive information (finance, legal, HR) during audit processes, employee programs, board collaborations, and more.

M&A Due Diligence

Accelerate your M&A, by enabling fast, streamlined due diligence using a Data Room to protect your docs and track who saw them.

Restructuring or Asset Sales

Using a virtual data room for an asset sale lets you attract and handle more bidders at one time, so you maximize the value of the deal.

Regulatory Compliance

A HITRUST compliant cloud infrastructure to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations and other implications for the healthcare industry.


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ShareVault Customer Testimonials

“Excellent administration support, and Excellent technical support via their international phone help. Able to track access to our secure proprietary company data.This enables us peace of mind when dealing with investment entities.”

— G2 Review from Administrator in Medical Devices