Virtual Data Room & Secure File Sharing Solution for
Real Estate

Successfully managing a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and complex commercial real estate investment transactions requires sharing of many documents among multiple third parties. Handling this process manually involves faxing, copying, and mailing documents and/or digital media - considerably increasing costs and time incurred in the process.

That why real estate firms & REITs around the globe actively seek virtual data room solutions to facilitate dissemination, organization, and tracking of underwriting materials, investor information and due diligence documents in large real estate transactions.

ShareVault understands how important it is to ensure that all Real Estate documents and negotiations are secure, private, and organized. Our data room platform is designed to meet the challenges real estate firms and REITs face concerning due diligence, compliance, flexibility, and transparency, and it provides among the most comprehensive analytics and audit trail in the industry.

ShareVault data rooms let you share sensitive investment and commercial documents safely with complete confidence information is not falling into the wrong hands. Featuring fast and efficient onboarding of members and prospects to your data room with legally enforceable agreements and integration to DocuSign® signature workflows, you can eliminate silos and bottlenecks. ShareVault lets you keep everything in one place and gives you complete autonomy to control who can see or access what and when.

Secure Document Sharing for REITs

ShareVault is a VDR platform and secure file sharing solution for the Real Estate industry - facilitating users to share confidential documents, legally bound agreements, and sensitive business information with concerned parties at every stage of a project.

ShareVault comes with a variety of integration options, an intuitive user interface, superb analytics, and award-winning support based on customer votes.

With ShareVault you will find it super easy to drag all your folders into the data room and configure document security policies that precisely match your confidentiality and compliance requirements.

Quick and Easy Data Room Setup

Many data rooms are hard to set up and organize. Hierarchical tags, drag and drop uploads, automated unzipping and more, make ShareVault easy to set up in minutes.

Superior User and Document Controls

ShareVault leads the way in flexible and granular permissions, customizable document policies, and advanced document controls like remote shredding.

Uncompromising Security

Get bank-grade security with 256-AES encryption. Apply a watermark to confidential documents and disable copying, printing, document saving, and screen capture.

Slick Member Onboarding

Clickwrap support (Watch Demo) helps you get legally enforceable agreements sign, whether you’re trying to get clients to sign NDAs or other relevant contracts.


One reason why ShareVault is so loved is we are the most connected data room solution in the world, with easy-to-configure connectors for popular common cloud drives.

Audit Trail and Activity Monitoring

Get detailed reports about which documents, even which pages were read by whom, and how long. Visualize user activity across the data room with a heat map.

A Few of Our Real Estate Customers

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A Few Deals Closed Using
ShareVault Virtual Data Rooms

Common Data Room Applications
for the Real Estate Industry

Virtual data rooms are widely used to organize, curate and disseminate due diligence and investor information at every stage in a project or asset lifecycle. By leveraging the security and activity tracking capabilities real-estate professionals and REITs can handle more projects and more prospects easily, and do more with less. Common applications include:

Investor Communications

A ShareVault VDR makes a perfect Investor Portal for your investors to securely access confidential materials, statements, and reports.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Streamline your M&A due diligence process with a secure VDR that gives you insights into every user’s actions and interests.

Asset Sales

Using a virtual data room for an asset sale lets you attract and handle more bidders at one time, so you maximize the value of the deal.

Restructuring & Turnarounds

Using a VDR to share confidential documents relating to restructuring is a good way to keep sensitive news under wraps.

Secure Digital Undertakings

Sign agreements and legally bound documents digitally with enforceable agreement signing options and DocuSign workflows.

Syndicated Lending

ShareVault VDRs facilitate the seamless distribution of sensitive documents for syndicated and commercial lending projects.


ShareVault reviews sourced by G2

ShareVault Customer Testimonials

“We used ShareVault for our acquisition by GE Healthcare as it offered a secure and easy to use platform for a multi-party document sharing process. We had a huge number of users with the need for varying levels of access, but ShareVault’s intuitive user interface and flexible operation kept the process straightforward and streamlined. We liked the drag and drop architecture and the way that ShareVault made it easy to report on user activity. ShareVault did exactly what was required by our process. We would definitely use it again and recommend it to others.”

— Oliver Hardick,

“ShareVault has also been very beneficial internally as we strive to be transparent within groups while still maintaining a level of professionalism and confidentiality. Our teams now have the confidence that our documents are private, secure and safe from hackers or security breaches. They find ShareVault extremely easy to use and enjoy the organized and easy to follow structure of documents. We also appreciate that we can export the indexes to Excel. This has helped us do periodic internal audits of the users and groups and documents to ensure every user has the appropriate level of access.”

— Andrea Berki,
Assistant Project Manager, SciClone Pharmaceuticals

“We've been ShareVault customers for the past couple of years and have used Sharevault to supply sensitive information to potential investors and business partners with great success. ShareVault's support team is excellent, and the product itself is intuitive and easy to use.”

— Chris McClain,
Founder and Executive Director,
Business Affairs, Nora Therapeutics, Inc., Medical Alley Member

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