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Successfully managing a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and/or large, complex commercial real estate investment transactions requires the sharing of hundreds to thousands of documents among multiple third parties. Handling this process manually requires faxing, copying and mailing documents and/or digital media, and adds considerable cost and time to the completion of each transaction. As a result, virtual data rooms are increasingly being adopted for securely disseminating, organizing and tracking underwriting materials and due diligence documents for large real estate transactions.

Because of the many advantages of sharing documents using ShareVault, real estate firms and REITs are turning to ShareVault to help them streamline and update their operations. We have gained a significant customer base among real estate firms including industry leading companies such as Grubb & Ellis, CNL, Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, CKW Partners, Integra Realty, Sheldon Good, KDF Communities and more.

Real Estate Property Sales

Large real estate transactions, including property sales, re-financings and leasings, have historically required a large amount of paper documents and other data to be managed among many groups of individuals including sellers, buyers, lenders, attorneys, insurers and other third parties. The ShareVault intuitive virtual data room facilitates the rapid sharing of due diligence materials, the documentation and negotiation of agreements, as well as the coordination of closing documents, all in an easy, economical way.

Managing your real estate portfolio can require the sharing of thousands of documents among numerous, widely-dispersed parties. ShareVault allows companies to manage real estate documents and transactions much more efficiently and easily by enabling our customers to accelerate the real estate transaction process by streamlining document exchange and review, while ensuring that all authorized parties have immediate access to the most recent version of every document on demand from any computer on the internet. Selected users, such as attorneys, developers, contractors or major tenants may be authorized to post additional information or document revisions to the data room. In addition, ShareVault allows customers to manage a variety of complex transactions without having to worry about high cost or the size or number of documents involved.


Public and private real estate investment trusts (REITs) use ShareVault to streamline management of property portfolios, property dispositions/acquisitions/leasings, fundraising offerings and prospectuses, audits as well as communications with investors, third parties and governing bodies. ShareVault also helps you comply with regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley act section 404.

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