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The Most Connected Data Room Available

No other data room offers so many ways to connect. Not even close. Easy-to-configure connectors for Microsoft Office and SharePoint, Box and Dropbox include a powerful sync engine, so your ShareVault content is automatically kept up-to-date. And it's a breeze to add eSignature workflows from right within ShareVault using our Docusign connector. To learn about the details of each connector, click a box on the right.

Other Integration Options

Single Sign-On (SSO)

ShareVault's SSO (Single Sign-On) capability allows for integration with your identity / authentication provider so that your users don't have to separately login to ShareVault. There are two important cases where SSO can be an indispensable:

Idaptive – SAML2 SSO Idaptive - SAML2 integration with ShareVault Ping Identity – SAML2 integration with ShareVault Google Cloud Identity – SAML2 SSO OneLogin – SAML2 integration with ShareVault OneLogin – SSO integration with ShareVault Okta – SAML2 integration with ShareVault Microsoft Azure AD – SAML2 SSO Microsoft Azure Active Directory - SSO
  • You use an enterprise identity management solution such as Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure AD, Google Cloud Identity, Ping Identity or Idaptive (formerly Centrify), and you want your users to be able to login to ShareVault via an SSO integration using your existing solution as the identity provider. This means one less password for your users to remember and also allows for improved IT governance because a user's access to ShareVault can be automatically deprovisioned when, for example, an employee leaves the company.
  • You have an existing web application that you would like to integrate with ShareVault so that users can access ShareVault without needing to login separately. Using the SSO integration, your users will seamlessly authenticate to ShareVault by sharing the authenticated session provided by your web application.

The ShareVault SSO capability is implemented using the SAML2 authentication protocol. Please note that the SSO capability is currently not available for users of the ShareVault mobile apps.

Web Services API

ShareVault offers a flexible, secure web services API that allows you to programmatically create, configure and control ShareVault(s). The SOAP API is comprehensive, providing for over 30 APIs so you can deeply integrate ShareVault into your business workflows. Contact ShareVault support for documentation and to enable the API for your ShareVault.

Embeddable ShareVault Widgets

Each of the ShareVault pages can be embedded within your secure web application with minimal coding. We use the secure login session of your web application through single sign-on (see above) and provide the code snippets that your developer can insert in your web application so that ShareVault is fully embedded in your web application. With minimal effort, you will have a fully integrated and seamless user experience.