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When sharing confidential documents during the due diligence process, security is your primary concern. You also want to make it easy to find documents that will speed the process along efficiently. Organization, efficiency, ease of use, and powerful protection all come together in the ShareVault solution, your ideal choice for due diligence software. We make it easy for users to find the information they need, review it efficiently, and get their questions answered quickly and securely. With more than ten years of development invested, ShareVault has become one of the most trustworthy tools for the due diligence process, so you can Focus On Due Diligence. Not On the Data Room

Below we've provided recommendations for selecting the ideal software solution for your M&A deal:

Choose a due diligence software solution that protects your documents with the highest level of encryption.

ShareVault has the following security certifications from trusted third parties who have verified our adherence to the best security practices: SOC 1/2/3, PCI, ISO 90001 / 27001 / 27017 / 27018, FedRAMP Moderate, DoD CC SRG IL2, HIPAA, and HITRUST.

ShareVault encrypts all documents at rest with AES-256 encryption, and it also encrypts all connections to the files on the server via HTTPS over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), providing AES-256 encryption in transit. Our Enhanced Validation (EV) certificate gives you further assurance that we have followed best practices for domain identity validation.

Certifications for ShareVault Secure Business File Sharing

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ShareVault allows you to "remotely shred" a document you no longer want someone to open.

ShareVault allows you to revoke a user's permission to open a document, even if the user has already downloaded and opened the file to their own computer or device. Because ShareVault protects all of your files with AES-256 bit encryption, you can make sure that the party that backed out of the deal (or which you cut out of the deal) no longer has access to any of your confidential information. Plus, ShareVault incorporates this functionality without requiring clunky plug-ins that frustrate users and slow down the document review process.


Remotely Shred Documents Even After Download

ShareVault enables you to easily stage documents in order of increasing confidentiality

It is essential that you have flexibility in assigning permissions for a particular user or group of users, which will allow you to gradually give certain groups more access to documents that have higher confidentiality. With ShareVault, you can quickly change permissions as a group moves along the M&A process. You can easily specify whether or not users have the right to print, save, copy/paste text, capture the screen or access the original document, and whether a watermark should be applied.


Set Flexible Security Permissions

ShareVault allows you to set an expiration date to ensure someone can only see the document before a certain day.

Any viewing policy in ShareVault can have an expiration date to ensure that your users are motivated to view documents promptly. By automatically enforcing deadlines associated with your M&A process, you can move the M&A timeline along more quickly. It is also a great way to ensure that you don't forget to revoke access to a user at a later date when he or she shouldn't have access to the information anymore.


Set Expiration Date for Maximum Security

With page-level user tracking and reporting, ShareVault lets you see who has seen which pages of which documents and for how long.

ShareVault gives you a detailed audit trail showing which users and groups have viewed your confidential documents in the due diligence process. By filtering the activity by date/time, activity, group, user or tag, you have valuable information about which party is interested in which aspects of your business. This also enables you to prepare for any questions that third party may have about your business. Moreover, you can filter activity with a graphical timeline as well as with a scrollable list of events, providing detailed metrics that are invaluable for assessing the progress of M&A due diligence.


Page-Level Tracking and User Activity Reporting

With two-factor authentication and single sign-on, ShareVault enhances security and saves your users time and frustration.

Two-step verification, also known as two-factor authentication, provides added security by requiring the user to enter a secure code upon login (delivered by text message to the user's phone, or via the Google Authenticator app, which is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry). You can trust that your documents are secure, even when you are sharing them with users who aren't as concerned about their security as you are. What's more, ShareVault automatically logs users out after a certain amount of idle time, but when they log back in, they see the exact screen that they were last on, saving time and frustration.


Require Users to Authenticate with a Code

ShareVault automatically converts all of your files to PDF for maximum document security.

By automatically converting documents to PDF when uploaded (except when you choose not to do so), ShareVault ensures that your documents cannot be altered by a third party who is accessing your data room. You can also set the permissions to either allow end users to access the original document or to prevent them from accessing it, such that they can only view the protected PDF. In this way, you can give some more trusted groups access to the original Excel file, for example, while others who haven't yet gained your trust can only see the PDF version.


Automatic Conversion to PDF for Maximum Security

ShareVault seamlessly synchronizes with DocuSign and other web-based applications without compromising security.

You can send documents out for signatures using DocuSign, without requiring that those documents leave the secure location within ShareVault. You can also integrate with Box, DropBox, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365, such that any updates you make to a certain directory or directories will be also updated in ShareVault for your end-users to see. And within ShareVault, you can take advantage of all of the powerful DocuSign features, such as email alerts, signature placements, form fields, template design, and the eSignature workflow flexibility.


Secure Integration with DocuSign, Box, DropBox, Microsoft 365, SharePoint

ShareVault's Q&A section allows you to route users' questions securely to the subject matter expert for answers.

Your end users can easily ask private questions about your documents and then have the question routed to Q&A Moderators who will be notified whenever your users ask questions. Moderators can forward questions to appropriate subject matter experts, and then approve or reject the response before replying to the end user. The moderator(s) can decide to share questions and answers with other users, or just with the one who asked the question. Of course, this method prevents the accidental leakage of confidential information that occurs if questions are answered via email.


Secure Questions and Answers

ShareVault provides a "View As" option, enabling you to double-check that a user's permissions are set correctly.

Mistakes are easily made, even with the best M&A software tools. That's why we have made it easy to double-check that certain users and groups cannot see confidential information that is stored in your ShareVault. Using ShareVault's "View As" feature, you can view your files from the perspective of a certain user, giving you more confidence that permissions are set correctly, and that user can't see information they shouldn't be able to see.


View As a User to Double-Check Security Policies

Companies in M&A processes choose ShareVault because it is easy to use and makes it a snap to organize and find documents, set security policies, and upload documents for secure sharing.

Ease of use is a crucial feature of the M&A software. If the software is difficult to use, mistakes are more likely to be made, and admin users will complain about the time it takes to set the software up and to use it. In addition, your end users will have a difficult time finding what they need, causing them to spend less time viewing the documents you want them to see. Though ShareVault is feature-rich, highly secure, and powerful, it is also intuitive and user-friendly.


Easily and Securely Organize and Find Documents

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