Virtual data room plans

ShareVault VDR plans enable secure document sharing for businesses of all sizes.


All you need for a secure
document sharing project.

Essential secure file sharing
capabilities: pre-configured security, content organization, and analytics.

  • 24/7/365 Support - Chat, Phone, Email
  • Advanced Secure Document Sharing
  • Granular document Access Control
  • User activity Analytics & Reporting
  • Plug-in free document viewing
  • Customizable Dynamic Watermarking


Advanced options for managing multiple document sharing projects.

Fully-configurable document security with advanced protection, enhanced analytics and integration options.

Everything in Express

  • Premier Support / Project Management
  • Customizable Branding
  • Q&A Module, Tagging, iOS & Android
  • Integration with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, DocuSign


Added security plus unlimited document sharing projects enterprise-wise.

Additional enterprise-grade
capabilities with added security, customization and integration.

Everything in Pro

  • Connected Package & SSO
  • eCTD Viewer integration with Inter-document Hyperlinking
  • Customer Managed Keys
  • Dynamic Native File Protection

A virtual data room you can trust

Feb 04, 2021
"Full featured data room, great support."
Feb 08, 2021
“Invaluable tool for pitching a biotech start-up to investors."

Designed for due diligence around IP partnering, M&A, corporate finance and more

Comparison of ShareVault Express, ShareVault Pro and ShareVault Enterprise
Service & Support – Award-winning 24/7 support to help make your project a complete success
24/7/365 Support for End Users
Your end users can call or email our 24/7/365 support team for questions or assitance.
24-Hour Support for Administrators
Your administrators can call or email our 24 hour support team for questions or assitance. Support for administrators is avaialble 24/7/365 for ShareVault Professional and ShareVault Enterprise, and is available on weekdays for ShareVault Express.
All Weekdays
Scheduled Training by Webinar
Join one of our scheduled webinars for training on how to setup your ShareVault as an administrator.
One-on-One Training and Project Management Included
You'll work directly with your ShareVault project management who will provide one-on-one training and proactive project management to be sure that your ShareVault deployment meets your goals.
Document Control – Keep control of your sensitive documents with enterprise-grade security
Granular Access Controls – Enables fine-grained control of user permissions
Document permissioning at the user or group level, as well as at the document or folder(tag) level, so you can set permissions precisely according to your requirements.
Configurable Security Policies – Puts you in control of document protection levels
Most data rooms allow only choices of view, print and save with minimum configuration flexibility. With ShareVault Pro and ShareVault Enterprise, you can independently configure the exact degree of document protection for each of your files or folder(tags) and for each of your users or groups, while ShareVault Express provides 3 pre-configured static policies.
Prevent print, save and/or copy – So users can't forward your information
With separate controls over whether a user has the right to save a file, print a document, and/or copy text, you can be sure that your content remains under your control.
Dynamic Watermarking – Simple and effective security countermeasure
Our customizeable dynamic watermarking provides a clear reminder to the reader that the content is confidential, and since the user identity can be included in the watermark, it allows for a simple but effective deterrent against distribution of the printed documents (if you allow for printing) to unauthorized readers. ShareVault Pro and Enterprise provide multiple fully-configurable watermarking configurations, while ShareVault Express is limited to a single basic watermarking configuration.
Information Rights Management (IRM) – Remotely shred downloaded documents
With no clunky plug-ins to install, our powerful IRM technology gives you persistent control over a users's right to open documents downloaded from ShareVault.
Protected Offline Viewing – Users can open protected files while offline
Apply IRM protection to documents for viewing for a limited time by users who do not have internet access, for example during a flight, while still maintaining control over confidential documents, and still tracking user activity.
Secure Print – Prevent your users from printing to PDF
Some users will insist on having the right to print, but printing to PDF gives users the ability to save a digital copy of the file. Now you can allow printing to physical printers without allowing printing to PDF.
Prevent Screen Capture – So users cannot take screenshots of your content
ShareVault Pro and ShareVault Enterprise are the only products on the market that can block screen capture on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, making it the best choice for sharing highly sensitive documents.
Content Organization / Presentation – Structure your content in an organized, professional layout
Hierarchical Tags – Place documents in multiple locations in your hierarchy
ShareVault's tags are like folders, but more flexible. You can put the same document at multiple places in the hierarchy. You can easily manage your tags using drag-and-drop to reorganize the structure, as well as point-and-click tools to set permissions and other settings.
Zoomable Thumbnails – Give users a quick peek at each document's 1st page
ShareVault automatically creates a thumbnail image of each document, shown zoomed when the user's cursor hovers on the thumbnail, so users can take a quick look at documents without opening and more quickly find what they're looking for.
Infinite Scrolling – Users can rapidly scroll through file listings
ShareVault is the only solution of its kind offering “Infinite Scrolling”, which accelerates the document review process by vastly reducing the amount of clicking required to browse through your content.
Instant Full-text Search – So users can quickly find what they're looking for
Users can instantly search your entire ShareVault, and see the search results sorted by relevance, with synopses and hit highlighting showing how the searched keyword(s) are used in context.
Smart Filters – More tools for users to quickly find what they're looking for
Users can instantly filter files in the document list based on a variety of filtering criteria, such as date / time uploaded, user who uploaded, file type, already viewed / not yet viewed.
Compact View – Display option for showing more documents on-screen
A display mode toggle for a more tightly-packed listing of files, useful for efficiently managing large ShareVaults
Index Auto-Numbering – Automates the numbering of your hierarchical index
ShareVault can automatically number your indexed hierarchy, so that as you add new folders (tags), or use drag-and-drop reordering, the numbering automatically updates. Due Diligence lists are traditionally numbered in this fashion, so this feature is a significant timesaver during due diligence preparation.
Drag-and-drop Reordering – Quickly and easily reorganize your index
Reordering the files and folders (tags) in your hierarchical index using drag-and-drop makes it quick and easy to organize your content the way you want.
Sharing Analytics - Gain insightful intelligence of user activity
Interactive Activity Reporting Tools – Generate activity analytics on demand
Interactive activity reporting tools provide not only a comprehensive audit trail, but also insightful business intelligence into your users’ document review progress with graphics and drill-downs to provide more detailed information.
Page-Level Activity Monitoring – Accurately track your user's viewing activity
With page-level monitoring, you'll know which users viewed what pages, and when.
Monitoring of Viewing Time – Measure your user's engagement
Sharevault accurately measures each users time spent actually reading pages, tracking down to the document-level, so you can measure which users are actively engaging with your content.
Ease of Use – Streamline your sharing project with an intuitive and responsive data room
Built-in Help Pages with Video Tutorials – So you can learn while doing
ShareVault has built-in help pages, with search allowing you to find the help topic that you need, when you need it. The help pages are intelligent, providing the appropriate content based on your role and the configuration of the ShareVault that you are currently using. In addition, video tutorials show you how easy it is to use ShareVault. And if you need help from a real person, our 24/7 support team is ready to help you.
Support for all Major Browsers – So users can use their preferred browser
The ShareVault web app is supported in all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge (version 79+) and Safari.
Mobile Apps – So you can view and manage ShareVault while on the go
Whether you prefer a mobile webapp or native apps for iOS or Android, you and your users can view and manage your ShareVault while on the move. The ShareVault mobile apps adapt to the screen size of your device, so on tablets you get virtually all of the functionality of our desktop web application, while on smaller device screens, the app gracefully adapts to the smaller screen size to provide essential functions.
Multiple Languages – Makes it easier for your international end users
End users can choose to use the ShareVault user interface in English, Spanish, French, German or Mandarin, so regardless of where your end users worldwide can choose the appropriate language.
Support for international characters – Supports content in any language
ShareVault supports unicode text (international character sets) for fulltext search, tag (folder) names, group names, user names, etc., vital for supporting user-generated content in virtually any language.
Blackout Screen – Don't lose your place if you get interrupted
Most webapps kick you out to the login page when your session expires, so you loose your place. ShareVault instead displays a black-out screen with a password field, over the current page that you are currently using,so you just have to enter your password to get right back to where you were, important for securely and easily handling inevitable interruptsions to your work day.
Fast & Easy Document Review – So users can quickly move through your shared content
High Performance Document Viewers – For smooth, fast, continuous scrolling
Secure document viewers are typically slow and clunky, but with ShareVault's high-performance document viewing technology, your users can rip through content quickly, saving you both time and money.
Secure Spreadsheet Viewer – For secure in-browser display of Excel files
ShareVault's secure spreadsheet viewer securely displays Excel files right in your users' browser, so your end users can quickly and easily view spreadsheets with secure protection.
Secure A/V Player – For secure sharing of audio / video files
ShareVault's secure audio / video player plays back A/V files securely in your end user's browser using Apple's HLS live-stream video protocol for high fidelity. A/V files are rights managed for seccurity, and you can apply dynamic watermarks to your videos for additional security.
Batch Download – Quickly download multiple files in bulk
The batch download feature allows users with the right to save files to do so rapidly and in bulk, even for thousands of selected files.
Admins Only
Batch Print – So users with print rights can print a customized set of documents
Users with print rights can print documents as a batch, complete with cover sheet, table of contents, page numbers & separator pages.
Inter-Document Hyperlinking – So users can quickly open linked documents
Other data rooms do not support document hyperlinking, so in applications with hyperlinked documents (such as regulatory submissions), users are forced to hunt for referred documents. With ShareVault, users can just click the hyperlink, and the appropriate document opens in the secure document viewer.
Q & A Module – So users can quickly and easily ask questions and get answers
ShareVault's powerful Q&A features include privacy settings, threaded discussions and simple, role-based workflows for moderators and subject-matter experts. At any time, you can export a PDF for audit, with all the questions and the corresponding answers.
Fast & Easy Setup - So you can get up-and-running without delay
Drag-and-Drop Uploading – Effortlessly upload files right from your browser
Our powerful upload tool works directly from within your browser for efforless drag-and-drop uploading with nothing to install.
Auto Unzip for Large Uploads – Save time by letting us unzip large uploads
If your folder structure is in a zip file, you can save time by uploading the zip file. When you do, you'll have the option to automatically unzip the files and folders, which can save you time and effort.
Powerful & Intuitive Batch Tools – Quickly setup and modify large ShareVaults
ShareVaults quick and intuitive bulk permissioning tools allow for setting granular permissions, even on huge hierarchies for large numbers of users and groups.
Automatic PDF conversion - So you don't have to worry about file conversion
ShareVault automatically converts your documents to PDF when you upload, with support for 40+ file types, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, AutoCad, Tiff, SAS Analytics and many more
Account Administration Tool - Create and manage your own ShareVaults
The Account Administrator tool, offered with ShareVault Enterprise, allows you to create and manage multiple ShareVaults with ease, so you you can administer your own ShareVaults.
Features for Life Sciences – Ideal not only for due diligence, but also for regulatory, clinical and compliance applications
Inter-Document Hyperlinking – For faster review of regulatory submissions
Regulatory submission documents, such as documents in an eCTD hierarchy, are often hyperlinked to other documents within the submission. These hyperlinks typically break when uploaded to a virtual data room for sharing. To solve this problem, ShareVault's optional inter-document hyperlinking feature will make it so that the appropriate document opens when clicked, saving your users time and effort compared to the frustation of hunting for the linked document.
eCTD Viewer – Seamless integration with industry-leading eCTD viewer
ShareVault is the only virtual data room that integrates with an eCTD viewer so that you can share your submission for more efficient review while keeping the documents secure.
Auto Conversion of SAS Analytics and Prism Files to Protected PDF
SAS Analytics files, including SAS, SSD01, XPT and SAS7BDAT files frequently used for statistical studies in life sciences and other scientifc applications, are automatically converted to PDF for secure viewing by end users.
Enables HIPAA and Title 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
Use of ShareVault can help you to comply with regulatory standards such as HIPAA and Title 21 CFR Part 11 (for Electronic Records).
Partnered with Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) Business Solutions
ShareVault is the exclusive virtual data room partner of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) Business Solutions, so members of BIO and BIO affiliates benefit from discounted pricing and other benefits.
Compliance, Security, & Availability – Rest assured your document sharing project is compliant, secure and readily available to authorized users
Two Factor Authentication – For streamlined bank-grade authentication
ShareVault's two-step verification enhances security for your users with an easy and unobtrusive authentication process that supports login code delvery via SMS, phone or authenticator apps.
Customizable Confidentiality Notice - Alert users that documents are confidential
A confidentiality notice is displayed on login, alerting users to the confidentiality of the documents in your ShareVault. You can customize the content and formatting of the notice. With ShareVault Express, a single confidentiality notice can be configured for all end users. With ShareVault Pro and ShareVault Enterprise you can create multiple confidentiality notices, and each can be assigned to a different user group.
Clickwrap Compliant Confidentiality Notice – For enforceability and traceablility
ShareVault's clickwrap compliance option, included with ShareVault Enterprise, provides additional features allowing for compliance with UETA and ESIGN requirements for a legally enforceable confidentiality notice. With this feature, each user's acceptance of the confidentiality notice is recorded, with version control of the notice contents. Users are required to scroll through the entire agreement, and users are notified when the the content has changed.
Encryption at Rest With Key Management – Seamless data encryption
Each file in ShareVault is encrypted using AES 256 with a seamless and transparent encryption key workflow so that you're assured that only your authenticated users can open your documents.
Customer Managed Encryption Keys – For highly regulated industries
ShareVault offers optional customer managed keys (CMK) as an option, for applications that demand the highest level of data security, but without the complexity of deploying and maintaining your own HSM (Hardware Security Module).
Data Center Security Certifications – Needed for compliance
ShareVault is hosted in data centers that are certified for SOC 1/2/3, ISO-27001, SOC, HIPAA, HITRUST and other important security standards, providing assurance that trusted third parties have verified our data centers' aherence to industry standard security controls and their verification.
Integrations – So you can seamlessly integrate ShareVault with your existing software workflows
Connector for Microsoft SharePoint®
ShareVault can connect to SharePoint, via the Microsoft Graph API, so you can upload or sync files directly from SharePoint into ShareVault, while preserving your hierarchical structure of sites, document libraries, and folders.
Connector for Microsoft OneDrive®
ShareVault can connect to OneDrive, via the Microsoft Graph API, so you can upload or sync files directly from OneDrive into ShareVault, while preserving your hierarchical folder structure.
Connector for Box®
ShareVault can connect to Box, via the Box API, so you can upload or sync files directly from Box into ShareVault, while preserving your hierarchical folder structure.
Connector for DropBox®
ShareVault can connect to Dropbox, via the Dropbox API, so you can upload or sync files directly from Dropbox into ShareVault, while preserving your hierarchical folder structure.
Connector for DocuSign®
ShareVault can connect to DocuSign, using the DocuSign API, to initiate e-signature workflows from right within ShareVault. After completion of the e-signature workflow, the signed document returns to ShareVault for record keeping purposes.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
ShareVault integrates directly with Okta, Azure AD, Google Cloud Identity, or any SAML2 compatible identity provider, to allow your users to directly login to ShareVault without separately authenticating, providing for enhanced convenience and improved IT governance.
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