Secure Document Sharing for
Legal Services

ShareVault offers law firms and their clients a highly secure, powerful, and easy-to-use, document sharing solution to:

  • Strengthen the attorney- client relationship by facilitating communications and collaboration
  • Enhance efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Maintain central control over sensitive and confidential documents
  • Thwart document loss and theft

Anytime and from anywhere on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, law firms and in-house counsel can easily access, publish, manage, and search all types of documents as well as share them with multiple parties including legal teams, clients, expert witnesses, and litigation support vendors, while at the same time tracking access to the documents. ShareVault complements law firm and legal department document management and litigation solutions, unimpeded by security concerns and the unintended distribution of sensitive and confidential documents.

In addition, the ShareVault for SharePoint solution provides seamless integration and syncing for easy and secure sharing of SharePoint content with third parties, without relinquishing central control and the costly expense and complex implementation of a SharePoint extranet and risk of allowing outside parties access to the SharePoint environment.

Prepare quickly for a case

As you prepare for a case, the last thing you need is a complex and lengthy process for preparing your document sharing solution. ShareVault customers are consistently impressed by the intuitive simplicity of inviting users, creating the document management structure, uploading documents and setting permissions and policies. From drag-and-drop user/group management, to the unique in-browser drag-and-drop uploader and automated PDF conversion, ShareVault has been designed for rapid and streamlined deployment.

Present your documents in a well-organized, professional structure

Manage, search, review and share documents including depositions, records produced in discovery, pleadings, motions, legal research, appellate records and briefs, and other critical writings and compilations by placing your documents in a structured hierarchy. ShareVault allows you to easily map your files and folders to its flexible and intuitive tag structure. No other document or file sharing solution offers this simple yet powerful tagging capability. No need to replicate files in multiple locations, or pay for additional pages in replicated documents or need to combine document access statistics for multiple instances of the same file.

Unprecedented security and auditability at the document level

ShareVault automatically converts your documents to an encrypted PDF format that provides the industry standard document viewing experience, including continuous scrolling and high-speed rendering. This PDF document encryption allows you to revoke access to any document at any time, even if the document has been downloaded. ShareVault also provides the ability to apply additional security attributes, including inhibiting document download, preventing printing, applying secure dynamic watermarks, identifying the user, and blocking screenshots.

Accelerate document access and sharing

ShareVault supports PDF streaming, so that documents open to the first page instantly, even if there are many thousands of pages. With ShareVault, you can keep document review moving quickly without getting bogged down by large documents.

Find documents quickly through indexed full-text search

Users will be able to instantly find documents that relate to relevant key words. Only ShareVault provides relevance ranking, in-place document synopses and zoomable first page thumbnails for each search result, so users can quickly and easily isolate the documents that contain the information sought. With its powerful search capabilities and unparalleled speed, ShareVault expedites communication and collaboration between lawyers and clients, reducing the duration of document sharing and review. To learn more about ShareVault for secure document sharing and collaboration with clients and outside parties, please contact us.

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