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Biopharma Partnering Resources

ShareVault works frequently with biopharma partnering, licensing and business development experts to produce webinars and white papers on best practices for biopharma partnering. To learn more, please visit our Biopharma Partnering Best Practices Series page.

Accelerate Due Diligence for Partnering and Licensing Deals

Due Diligence for Partnering and Licensing

You've spent millions on developing your drug, so now that it's time to get it through the next clinical trial stage, or to bring it to market, you'll need to find the right strategic partner(s).

As you prepare for partnering, or BD&L (business development & licensing) activity, be sure that you choose a data room that can accelerate the due diligence process while keeping your intellectual property secure.

A good virtual data room can help you to cast a broader net so that you can court multiple worldwide partners / licensees, while keeping detailed tracking information as your potential partners / licensees review your regulatory submission data, clinical trial information, market statistics, research data and other critical documents.

Once you have struck a deal with your definitive partner(s) or licensee(s), you can retroactively revoke access to other users, even for the documents already downloaded.

Biopharma Customer Testimonials

“At Mundipharma our passion to bring innovative treatments to patients drives our approach to strategic partnerships. ShareVault allows us to quickly and securely share sensitive information instantly in order to foster these alliances. It saves time and keeps projects moving along at pace. ShareVault makes it simple to upload and store sensitive information ensuring that everyone has the right level of access on a group or individual basis, all backed by an attentive and supportive team at a competitive price."

Donna Brown, Assistant to Global SVP,
Corporate & Business Development

“ShareVault gives us the ability to stage the sharing of intellectual property securely, explore partnerships with a greater number of organizations and share different tiers of information as relationships evolve. We are able to help potential partners navigate through our data in a way that makes the most sense, while maintaining security and ensuring that people only see the documents that we want them to see."

Jill Jarecki, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer,
Cure SMA.

“A pharmaceutical company's greatest asset is its data. It serves as the foundation for all of our partnering and fund raising efforts. Real-time access to key data from clinical trials and other research greatly facilitates the due diligence process, ShareVault gives us the ability to move fast and share information, without fearing security risks. With this capability, we're able to conduct deals faster while casting a broader net to get more potential partners."

Nigel Ray, Vice President of Business Development,
Limerick BioPharma.

“ShareVault's focus on speed helps us accelerate the due diligence process. Some of our clinical trial results documents contain thousands of pages, yet our users can open them instantly from ShareVault."

Mark Varney, CEO,
Cortex Pharmaceuticals.