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for organizing and sharing confidential documents

The ultimate virtual data room

Due Diligence & Dealmaking

The most secure and straightforward way to share sensitive documents with third parties during M&A, fundraising, partnering, licensing, and other critical business processes.

The ultimate virtual data room

Life Sciences

ShareVault is the only virtual data room provider with features specifically developed for life sciences applications, such as inter-document hyperlinking and integrated eCTD Viewer, which streamline the review of regulatory submissions.

The ultimate virtual data room

Litigation Support

Securely share E-discovery production sets with plaintiffs, opposing counsel and other case stakeholders.

The ultimate virtual data room

Investor Communications

ShareVault provides a secure LP portal where investors can quickly and easily access fund materials, statements and reports from any web browser.

The ultimate virtual data room

Corporate Document Sharing

ShareVault is a leading virtual data room used for secure document sharing across a variety of business applications such as corporate repository & board portal, research & development collaboration, supply chain collaboration, and the secure FTP alternative.

The ultimate virtual data room

Board Portal

Organizations leverage ShareVault as a cloud-based corporate content repository that enables secure, organized, and auditable content sharing with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Data Rooms

A virtual data room or VDR is an essential tool for facilitating due diligence and other bussines applications where it is imperative to share documents in a controlled manner.


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