Corporate executives and management exchange messages every day with each other and with clients, partners, and vendors. Email and online messaging platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace are suitable for non-sensitive information – set a meeting, pass along a news article, check on a project’s progress.

However, confidential information – strategy sessions, trade secrets, financial data, market analytics, legal issues, personnel reports, and other documents – require a platform with more robust security.

An online Virtual Data Room (VDR) provides that protection. An exec or team member simply signs into the VDR environment before exchanging confidential correspondence, internally or externally. The VDR protects the exchange of completed documents, as well as the process of developing work-in-progress documents. The VDR also provides storage for virtually unlimited archiving of corporate records.

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Best VDR for secure document sharing.

ShareVault introduced its VDR online platform more than 15 ten years ago. Since then, the ShareVault VDR has become a platform of choice for corporate, board, and investor communications and for tens of billions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions, asset sales, fundraising, restructuring, and other deals.

ShareVault VDR administrators can:

  • Enforce password-protected access and security policies for each user
  • Control a variety of different access privileges at the document level viewing vs printing vs downloads (different types of downloads)
  • Protect against screen scraping and screenshots with custom watermarks
  • Remotely shred documents even after they have been downloaded

Efficiently organize Corporate Communications.

No one wants to add a security measure that slows the flow of daily Corporate Communications. That’s why ShareVault’s VDR platform has built-in tools to speeds the communication flow both from an administrator perspective and the end user:

  • Drag-and-drop tools to organize documents and folders quickly
  • Advanced Search to find documents by keyword, subject, author, and date
  • Seamless integration with DocuSign, DropBox, and other business software
  • Features like document expiry dates designed to nudge users to take action

Administrators also have access to exceptionally detailed user activity analytics down to the page level, so you know who viewed which documents

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