Investment Bankers
Prefer ShareVault Virtual Data Rooms

Whether assisting clients in raising capital through a private placement, IPO or seasoned public offering, or providing advisory services for a client's M&A transaction or restructuring, the ShareVault virtual data room is the ideal tool for accelerating the due diligence process.

A good virtual data room can help you to and your clients to speed the due diligence process, while keeping detailed tracking information as your client's potential acquirer(s) review due diligence materials. Once you and your client have struck a deal with the acquirer, you can retroactively revoke access to other users, even for the documents already downloaded. ShareVault can help you and your clients to:

Best of all, you can rely on ShareVault's renowned 24/7 support every step of the way.

How ShareVault's Unique Hierarchical Tagging Solves A Common M&A Challenge

Often, especially in the technology sector, it is said that "companies are "bought not sold," so your client will often come to you with one potential acquirer already expressing interest. Since acquisitive companies often have a pre-determined due diligence questionnaire which has been developed internally, your client will usually be required to use the due diligence structure imposed by the initial potential buyer. However, this might not be the best way to present the due diligence materials to other potential buyers. With any other data room, the only way to create a separate due diligence index is to set up and maintain two separate data rooms. In most cases that's just not worth the trouble, so sellers typically just live with having to present their materials using the initial potential buyer's due diligence list.

ShareVault, however, offers hierarchical tags (patent pending), instead of folders, to organize documents. Hierarchical tags are like folders, but more flexible, since you can put multiple tags on the same document, thereby placing the same document in multiple places in the hierarchical index. ShareVault makes it easy to handle this important business scenario — just drag-and-drop the existing content from the first index into the appropriate tags in the second index. So now you can have a single data room, with a single set of due diligence documents, and two (or more) different indexes. ShareVault is the only virtual data room provider to offer this important capability, and it allows investment bankers to add significant value to this common M&A scenario by advising clients on the best way to organize and present the due diligence materials to the other bidders.