Accelerate Your Fundraising with ShareVault's Secure, Efficient, Data Room Solution


Raising capital for your firm, organization or project requires due diligence document review so that investors can understand the risk and rewards associated with their decision to invest. Whether you're capitalizing through a venture round, private equity investment, private placement, IPO, or secondary public offering, the right virtual data room can help streamline this process, while keeping documents secure.

ShareVault is a secure virtual data room solution well suited to fundraising and corporate finance activities - presenting investor documents for due diligence and providing significant advantages compared with distributing investor materials via email, CDs/DVDs, Thumb drives or FTP/file sharing sites.

Using a virtual data room to enable potential investors to navigate through important disclosures doesn’t just protect your sensitive information from misuse it also lets you:

  • Focus on the deal, not document handling.
  • Handle more simultaneous investors at once.
  • Gauge investor interest from their activity.
  • Expedite the fundraising due-diligence process.

ShareVault virtual data room software combines best-in-class document security with fast set-up and exceptional ease of use. It is an essential tool for protecting your most confidential information throughout the capital raise process.


  • Advanced document controls
  • Fast loading document viewers
  • Detailed audit trail and analytics
  • Faster due-diligence, less work
  • Award-winning 24/7 support

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Organize Investor Materials in a Structured Hierarchy

By organizing your documents according to a well-structured due diligence list, you can put your company in the best possible light, and streamline the review process. Only ShareVault allows you to organize your documents using hierarchical tags, rather than folders - making the process less hectic and more efficient. If you need the same file to appear in multiple places in your data room just apply multiple tags to the document.

No other virtual data room provider offers this simple yet powerful capability:

  • No need to replicate files in multiple locations
  • Less maintenance if you need to update any files
  • No wasted storage required for duplicate documents
  • No need to merge analytics for multiple instances of the same file

Capital Raising Best Practices and Tips

Embarking on the fundraising journey can be daunting especially for new CEOs. Even old hands will tell you they are always learning. That’s why we’ve put together a mini-series of webinars for CEOs, CFOs and other C-Suite executives who may be new to raising capital to hep you get in the right mindset and out of the starting gate, sooner.

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“We've been ShareVault customers for the past couple of years and have used Sharevault to supply sensitive information to potential investors and business partners with great success. ShareVault's support team is excellent, and the product itself is intuitive and easy to use."

Chris McClain, Founder and Executive Director,
Business Affairs, Nora Therapeutics, Inc.

“Project financing requires a platform that can be used by both companies and investors; one that is safe, secure and easy to use. ShareVault gives us such capabilities."

Vanessa Stewart, co-founder and COO,
Soltage, LLC.

“Uploading documents to ShareVault is easy and fast and the organizational structure is straightforward and dynamic to our needs. Being able to designate who can access specific documents and then knowing what is being reviewed is also important. It is also very easy to use search terms to find specific documents, which also saves time."

Eli Thomssen, Armune BioScience, Inc,
Chief Business Officer

“After struggling with other systems, we moved to ShareVault and have found that inviting users and tailoring the permissioning of documents couldn’t be simpler. We also have every confidence that our sensitive materials are completely secure. When situations change, it’s a snap to change or revoke access."

Dan Schmidt, Actuate Therapeutics,
President & CEO

“The tracking metrics were great, allowing us on a real time basis to see who had been accessing each document and for how long they were logged in. I was very happy with the selection of ShareVault and felt that it contributed to the ability to complete our process on a timely basis."

Mark Fischer-Colbrie, ADEZA,
Former CFO

“We chose ShareVault for its ease of use and rich feature set as well as its flexibility for providing secure access to documents in a variety of situations. In our case, we needed the ability to easily manage multiple levels of access. We also appreciate how easy and intuitive ShareVault is to use. Our administrators were publishing in the system and managing documents in a matter of minutes."

Renny Clark, Cardio Focus,
Former CFO

“ShareVault is more intuitive and user-friendly than other platforms and the technology performs well over a wide range of operating systems, browsers and security barriers. We’ve also found it invaluable to be able to monitor data room activity (down to the page level) of individual users, informing us on the interest level of our clients and allowing us to have constructive follow-up discussions."

Jonas Ekblom, Promore Pharma,