Fundraising &
Corporate Finance

ShareVault Virtual Data Rooms for Debt & Equity Fundraising

Raising capital for your firm, organization or project always requires due diligence document review so that investors can understand the risk and rewards associated with their decision to invest. Whether you're capitalizing through a venture round, private equity investment, private placement, IPO or secondary public offering, the right virtual data room can help streamline this process, while keeping documents secure. ShareVault is ideally suited for presenting investor documents for due diligence, providing significant advantages when compared to distributing investor materials using email, CDs/DVDs, or FTP/file sharing sites.

ShareVault offers high-end features and functionality combined with the speed, ease-of-use, and quick & easy set-up that our customers demand. Our virtual data room is intuitive, provides the best available document control features and incorporates a powerful, full-text search engine. Best of all, it's all backed by our responsive 24/7 customer support.

Organize Your Investor Materials in a Structured Hierarchy

By organizing your documents according to a well-structured due diligence list, you can put your company in the best possible light, and streamline the review process. Only ShareVault allows you to organize your documents using hierarchical tags, rather than folders. Frequently, the same file needs to be placed in multiple locations in the due diligence index. With ShareVault, just apply multiple tags to the document. No other data room provider offers this simple yet powerful capability:

  • No need to replicate files in multiple locations
  • No paying for additional pages in replicated documents
  • No need to combine document access statistics for multiple instances of the same file

“We've been ShareVault customers for the past couple of years and have used Sharevault to supply sensitive information to potential investors and business partners with great success. ShareVault's support team is excellent, and the product itself is intuitive and easy to use."

Chris McClain, Founder and Executive Director,
Business Affairs, Nora Therapeutics, Inc.

“Project financing requires a platform that can be used by both companies and investors; one that is safe, secure and easy to use. ShareVault gives us such capabilities."

Vanessa Stewart, co-founder and COO,
Soltage, LLC.