23 January, 2023

A virtual data room (VDR) is an online platform where a company can store and share confidential documents. A VDR is used in a variety of critical business applications:

  • Financial projects like mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, bankruptcy and restructuring, and partnering and licensing that include confidential financial records and contracts
  • Product development for Life Sciences and for entrepreneurial startups that need to store and collaborate on confidential and proprietary documents
  • Litigation brief preparation that requires storing and accessing discovery, complaints and rebuttals, corporate bylaws, intellectual property claims, contracts and personnel information
  • Similar projects in healthcare, real estate, energy & natural resources, and other industries
  • Any document-centric process that involves multiple attorneys, paralegals, and outside experts in accounting and other fields

What Sets ShareVault Apart from other Virtual Data Room Providers

ShareVault’s on-demand virtual data room platform is an innovative cloud-based solution that enables our customers to manage critical time-sensitive and document-centric processes faster and more intuitively. ShareVault has a 15-year track record, and our experienced customer support team ensures successful outcomes, time and again.

Below are a few ways ShareVault stands out from other virtual data room providers.

Comprehensive Protection

virtual data room protection

ShareVault takes security seriously. All files that you upload to the virtual data room are automatically encrypted with AES-256 at rest and in transit over https using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption - which is tech language to say documents are always secure.

Access to documents in the ShareVault VDR is strictly controlled by a set of permissioning protocols, which govern not only access but also what a user can do: read only, copy/paste, print, download, and disable screenshots, plus an expiration date on access. Users log on with a two-factor password. Your company’s VDR administrator monitors activity.

When the time is right, the administrator can extend access to outside experts or to investors, or regulatory agencies.

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Fast Organization

virtual data room fast

Among VDR providers, ShareVault offers the most comprehensive and useful menu of features. ShareVault’s content management and organization features include:

  • The ability to bulk upload documents
  • Fast uploads from existing file sharing apps like DropBox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive, and DocuSign
  • Drag-and-drop document file uploading, with auto-numbering to keep your folders organized
  • Hierarchical tags, which are hashtags applied to a document that speed document search and allow you to populate multiple folders with the same document
  • Fast search using keywords and filters like Recent, File Type, Read/Unread, Published By
  • Zoomable Thumbnails that zoom into the first page of a document to gauge its relevance without opening it

Unlimited Users and Admins

virtual data room users

All these critical business projects are collaborative, requiring the input and participation of multiple parties, including the in-house team, partners, outside experts, and, eventually, potential investors and regulators.

Most VDR providers charge by the number of users - but not ShareVault. No matter which Pricing Plan you choose, ShareVault allows an unlimited number of users and administrators.

Outstanding Customer Service

virtual data room service

Excellent customer service is one of our top priorities. As soon as you visit our site, you're immediately greeted by one of our customer success agents. They will work with you to answer any question or concern you may have regarding our VDRs.

Whatever plan you choose, you will always have 24/7 access to ShareVault’s expert support team. We know that having a direct connection between our customers and our business is what makes a company great. We value your feedback and use consumer input to constantly improve and evolve.

Better Outcomes

virtual data rooms

ShareVault not only ensures the confidentiality of your documents and collaborations, but also speeds your project to completion. ShareVault clients report a time savings of up to 15 hours a week.

ShareVault Pricing Plans

virtual data room pricing

ShareVault's pricing structure makes us the best value. Since companies of different sizes and industries have different needs, ShareVault offers three flexible pricing plans that can be tailored to your specs: ShareVault Express, ShareVault Pro, and ShareVault Enterprise. All three plans range in price and features and include a free trial. Simply provide us with the length of your project and your requirements, we will find a package that works best for you.

Competitively, companies that choose ShareVault can expect to save an average of 25% compared to the legacy virtual data rooms. And no matter which plan you choose, you will always have 24/7 access to ShareVault’s expert support team.

ShareVault: Best in Virtual Data Room Providers

ShareVault helps guarantee secure document sharing by providing extensive controls over sensitive document access and user permissions. We protect confidential data, improve your company's efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Data and the success of our customers indicate that ShareVault is the best virtual data room provider on the market. Does ShareVault sound like the answer to your needs? Check out a free trial today!

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