How a Virtual Data Room Protects your Documents

18 November, 2022

When you’re sharing documents with team members and third parties, those documents are targets for hackers. Most vulnerable are documents shared with parties in remote locations, where your IT department has no control over access.

A virtual data room (VDR) is the solution: a secure online environment where you and your team can store, organize, and exchange confidential information. An advanced VDR provider like ShareVault adds additional security protocols:

  • Permissioning
  • Two-Factor Verification
  • Encryption at Rest
  • Collaboration Privacy

ShareVault’s VDR has the additional protections of a reliable Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and ShareVault’s ten-plus years of providing secure workplaces for leading companies in Pharma and Life Sciences, M&A and Finance, Technology. Real Estate, Energy, and other fields.


Permissioning is a security protocol in which your VDR administrator determines who has the rights to see which documents in the data room. Permissions can be set at the group or folder level, which makes it quick and easy to set permissions for many users across large groups of documents. For especially sensitive documents, ShareVault permissioning can be applied at the user and/or document level, with controls over access. ShareVault policies applied to a document controls whether a document is View Only, Edit, Download, or Print. The administrator can change permissions and policies during the lifetime of a project.

Two-factor Authentication

You’ve probably encountered two-factor verification, also referred to as two-step authentication, on your bank’s internet site or when logging into a Google account. Cybersecurity experts consider two-factor verification a must-have for collaborative work teams. With Two-factor verification, a code generated by Authy, Google Authenticator, or LastPass Authenticator is sent by text message to your phone. Use this code to log in. Users in locations without cell phone coverage can use Google Authenticator on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Encryption at Rest

ShareVault protects your files at every stage of a document’s life cycle, including when documents are at rest or stored in archives. During upload and download, ShareVault encrypts files using 256-bit SSL encryption, the same encryption protocols used by banks and the U.S. government. ShareVault protections include PDFtrack, which continues to ensure privacy when a document is stored or in use on an end-user’s computer.

Attacks against stored data can occur when unauthorized parties acquire physical access to computer hardware on which sensitive data is stored. Without encryption at rest, a hacker can transfer the acquired hard drive into a computer they control to access sensitive information. This can ruin your business's reputation and jeopardize your financial deals.

Collaboration Privacy

ShareVault guarantees the security of groups collaborating in the VDR environment, including third parties who are in remote locations. ShareVault permissioning and two-factor password verifications ensure that only those with the VDR administrator’s permissions can access documents. Once a user is within the ShareVault secure environment, he or she can collaborate with other authorized users.

ShareVault also includes a feature for securely generating new documents: Dynamic Native File Protection (DNFP). With DNFP, authorized users can create a document by opening Google Docs, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint from within the VDR. As the document goes through its iterations, multiple collaborators can securely add and subtract copy until the report, contract, or due diligence proposal is complete.

Reliable Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

ShareVault’s VDR is hosted on a private Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). ShareVault’s private VPC guarantees our hardware isn’t shared with other AWS users and is protected from hackers and competitors.

ShareVault servers are under continuous monitoring by RackSpace, a reliable managed cloud computing company, to guarantee optimal security.

Continuous Software Development

ShareVault’s experienced staff of cybersecurity experts undergo regular training and keep up to date on emerging cybersecurity threats. ShareVault also works with third-party security experts to identify potential vulnerabilities. With ShareVault, you can share documents and data with confidence.

ShareVault is Committed to your Business

ShareVault is more than a VDR provider: we are a company with a culture of security. We protect your company through the entire lifecycle of a document, even when documents are shared with third parties in remote locations. With ShareVault, we let you go about your business without worrying about security!