23 January, 2023

ShareVault: A Secure Online Platform for Document Collaboration

Building a company from scratch in today’s digital world is a challenge, even for seasoned entrepreneurs. One of the more pressing issues is cybersecurity: 43 percent of malware attacks are on startups. Since IBM reports that the average cost of a data breach is $4.2 million, it is no surprise that 60 percent of small businesses close their doors within six months of a cyberattack.

Hackers target documents that are critical to a startup’s development: product schematics, beta test results, market analytics, rollout schedules and forecasts, personal identification Information (PIIs) of personnel and partners, and other confidential information.

The solution is a virtual data room (VDR). A VDR is an online platform where management can upload and store important confidential documents, with specific protocols to authorize document access. In this environment, team members and trusted third parties can collaborate and move a project forward.

Upgrading to a secure document sharing platform is easy and affordable. Below we outline how a quality virtual data room provider like ShareVault delivers on the promise of secure document sharing.

How Can Virtual Data Rooms Help My Business?

ShareVault offers a fully integrated platform of document management tools to keep business information secure during internal product development, work with partners, and in financial negotiations.

Getting started with ShareVault is surprisingly easy:

  • The team administrator sets up folders and uploads documents with a simple drag-and-drop
  • The administrator creates “hierarchical tags” – hashtags that allow a document to be listed within multiple locations without manually uploading the document to each folder
  • The administrator’s permissioning tools create a list of users and passwords. Access specifies which collaborators have access to a given folder or document. For further control, access can change at any time, and have a cut-off date.
  • To improve workflow, documents can be sorted into “In Review” and “Approved” folders
  • ShareVault’s Workflow Management solution includes a Q&A feature within each document where team members can pose questions and receive replies from designated experts
  • Once a document is approved, the Administrator provides a new set of permissions to allow customers and other parties to view the document
  • ShareVault’s Activity Monitor provides a detailed list of every user interaction with a document, suitable for internal review or for submission to regulators, potential buyers, and other parties

Easy-to-Use Permission and Access Tools

At ShareVault, we focus on user experience so that our tools are as simple as they are effective. With granular access controls, you have complete control over which individuals or groups have access to confidential documents, as well as control over functions like saving, printing, and screenshots. Data room administrators can even “remotely shred” a document even after it’s been downloaded.

ShareVault also speeds the process of uploading documents. The administrator can allow bulk uploads, including seamless integration with third-party file sharing apps like DropBox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive – and those documents will automatically update in their source locations as you collaborate and save in ShareVault.

When a startup is ready to make a deal, ShareVault’s integration capabilities also includes DocuSign.

Make Documents Both Secure and Accessible

No matter what stage of a deal or project you’re in, a ShareVault’s data room provides easy access and security for documents and data files. An authorized user can access and share from anywhere in the world, from any device. To maintain security, the user’s IP address is recorded.

Make Setups Easy and Make Changes Instantly

To expedite document review, ShareVault includes advanced search functions that not only find search terms, but also provide text showing the term in context. To further speed workflow, users can mark files as favorites making it easy to come back to them later.

To fully protect workflow documents, ShareVault offers an optional feature called “Dynamic Native File Protection” (DNFP) which provides ultra-secure protection for work-in-progress documents generated in Word, Excel, and other programs. ShareVault also features a task-management software called “Collabloop” for developing and collaborating on a contract, brief, or other document.

No matter when or where you need to make changes, ShareVault’s organizational tools make the process easy.

Upgrade Your Digital Security with ShareVault

With ShareVault, protecting a startup’s confidential documents is easy. A ShareVault virtual data room speeds workflow and protects your company from hackers. And ShareVault is affordable, with Pricing Plans that can fit any business.

Virtual data rooms save time, reduce risk, and help you control the flow of your most sensitive information. Discover how ShareVault can make a difference for your start-up today. Sign up for a free trial of our services and keep your valuable files secure.

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