14 July, 2023

Leveraging a Virtual Data Room for Document Security

GA Associates, a Silicon Valley firm, developed software that allows marketing companies to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to rapidly generate and distribute marketing content. GA Associates experienced explosive growth as companies and freelancers adopted their software-as-a-service offering. Growth fueled the need for more employees, which would require outside funding. In anticipation of an offering to investors, GA Associates underwent a financial audit as part of its due diligence process.

How a Virtual Data Room Protects Confidential Documents

As a savvy marketing firm that had provided marketing related to mergers and acquisitions and other financial transactions, GA Associates recognized the need for a secure and organized presentation of its own financial health. Following the example of its clients, GA Associates subscribed to the services of a virtual data room (VDR) provider to organize and protect its confidential documents.

Selecting the best Virtual Data Room Provider

In choosing a VDR provider, GA Associates had two priorities: one, a VDR that provided enterprise-grade security; and two, a provider with software tools to speed the laborious process of organizing and sharing documents during the audit process.

After extensive research, GA Associates chose ShareVault, a company headquartered in Silicon Valley and with a 15-year track record in secure document sharing for audits and other financial services. ShareVault excelled in the areas of security features, a user-friendly interface, ease of collaboration, and pricing.

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Implementing the Virtual Data Room

GA Associates worked with the experienced ShareVault support teams to quickly upload and organize its confidential financial documents, and then apply customized access controls for the team of CPAs, lawyers, analysts, and project managers required to complete the audit and its report.

Streamlining the Audit Due Diligence Process

Since ShareVault’s internal software integrated with GA Associates’ existing document management system, organizing audit reference documents was fast and easy. The archived documents included financial statements, AI software intellectual property documentation, legal contracts, and market research on the potential for AI-enhanced marketing materials nationally and internationally. The combination of facts and analysis provided a comprehensive view of GA Associates business operations, which would then provide investors with confidence in making an investment.

Ensuring Document Security

GA Associates prioritized the security of its confidential documents throughout the audit process. ShareVault’s robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and watermarked documents, ensured that sensitive information remained confidential and protected from unauthorized access throughout the due diligence process. Automated features, such as document indexing, search functionality, and notifications, expedited the audit process.

Enhancing Investor Communication

Once the audit process was complete, GA Associates was able to extend access to the protected VDR environment to investors, who followed the same security protocols of two-factor passwords and device IP registration. Once in the VDR, investors could securely access and review relevant documents, ask questions, and provide feedback directly through the platform. GA Associates leveraged these features to promptly respond to inquiries, foster trust with investors, and proactively address their concerns.

Since not all parties chose to invest, GA Associates was able to protect its sensitive documents by employing remote shredding of documents, even after they had been downloaded.

Improved Efficiency and Time Management

By utilizing ShareVault’s secure virtual data room and built-in document organizing software, GA Associates significantly reduced the time and effort required for document sharing, version control, and data organization.

A VDR Enhances a Company's Brand

GA Associates outreach to investors presented the company as tech-savvy. Its use of a VDR made clear that GA Associates was not only in the forefront with AI, but also with cybersecurity. The combination was sufficient to convince investors, who supplied the funding needed to expand staff and expand marketing of its software-as-a-service offering nationally and internationally.


GA Associates’ use of a virtual data room proved its validity in facilitating a financial audit as part of its outreach to investors. The company now helps other marketing firms enhance their offerings to clients in the financial sector.

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