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Accelerate Preparation

Accelerate Preparation

Quickly and easily set up and maintain your site without the agony of endless clicking. ShareVault helps speed up your project by streamlining administrative set-up and maintenance tasks. Competing solutions can be clunky, slow and frustrating, requiring many more mouse clicks and delays, especially when making bulk changes to permissions, policies, or organization of your content.

Drag-and-drop Publishing

High-performance browser-based drag-and-drop publishing tools with no software to install. Getting your content up on ShareVault is quick and easy from a Mac or Windows, regardless of your IT environment. Drag-and-drop hundreds of files and folders, and ShareVault will automatically create the identical hierarchical structure for all of the files uploaded. You can even publish a zip file containing a huge, deeply nested folder structure, and let our automated unzip tool take care of unzipping and creating the identical structure within ShareVault.

Automated PDF conversion

ShareVault automatically converts your documents to PDF when you upload, with support for 40+ file types, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, AutoCad, Tiff, SAS Analytics and many more. The policy that you assign to each document will define whether end users are allowed to access the original document, or only the protected PDF.

No file size limits

Other document sharing platforms limit the size of individual files to 5GB or less. ShareVault customers can upload files of arbitrary size with robust, fault-tolerant upload tools. Many of our customers upload 15GB+ files without a problem.