ShareVault Connector
For SharePoint and OneDrive

Get the best of both worlds, by combining the collaborative content development tools available in Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint and OneDrive with ShareVault’s leading document control and organization capabilities for external sharing of confidential documents.

Securely share SharePoint and Office 365 content with external users

The ShareVault Connector for Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint and OneDrive uses the Microsoft Graph API to sync files into ShareVault for secure external sharing of confidential documents with your ShareVault users. The synced content in ShareVault has the same structure as the hierarchy in SharePoint / OneDrive.

“Single Pane of Glass”

ShareVault connectors enable you aggregate content from multiple instances of SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Docusign and of course ShareVault itself for secure sharing with external users in a single web application.

Why not just share confidential documents with SharePoint / Office 365?

If you’re asking yourself why you shouldn't just use SharePoint or OneDrive for external sharing of confidential documents, download the brochure for further information.

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