28 February, 2023

Lawyers routinely work with documents containing sensitive client information. Clients expect those documents to remain confidential. A virtual data room (VDR) is a secure online repository where legal teams can upload and organize an unlimited number of documents, with document access protected by strict security protocols. With a VDR, your client’s confidential information is safe from competing parties and public disclosure, as well as from hackers and cybercriminals.

Using a Virtual Data Room in Legal Services

Among virtual data room providers, ShareVault is an ideal choice: the company has been serving the legal community for more than a dozen years. ShareVault has an array of features and software tools that not only provide document protection, but also streamline the organization and collaboration process necessary to prepare a brief, contract, partnership agreement, or other legally binding document.

Protect Your Documents

At ShareVault, we take the protection of your documents seriously. A ShareVault data room includes security features that can keep your documents out of the hands of unauthorized users.

Security starts with the documents themselves: ShareVault automatically encrypts each document as it is uploaded to the VDR. Next comes the user list: each user is assigned a password and his or her device IP address is recorded. He or she has access to all or a defined number of documents. Authorized parties can access and review documents on their own schedules, from any device, even from remote locations.

Then comes usage controls: each user has a specified list of uses, that can include read only, edit, print, download, screenshot. ShareVault security also includes the ability to "remotely shred" documents, even those that have been downloaded to a user’s device.

Stay Organized

A virtual data room provides a centralized location for all documents relevant to a case. With ShareVault, the team can unload an unlimited number of documents. Built-in software makes the upload and organizing process easy:

  1. Create folders and upload documents to the ShareVault VDR. To speed the process, the project administrator can "bulk upload" documents, including seamless integration with third-party file sharing apps like DropBox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive
  2. "Tag" documents with a hashtag. In ShareVault, a "hierarchical hashtag" can then appear in multiple folders, eliminating the need to physically place the same document in multiple folders
  3. Add or rearrange documents with a simple drag-and-drop - ShareVault's litigation document management software will automatically update numbering

As a team member scrolls through documents, ShareVault's "zoomable thumbnail" functionality presents the first page of each document, providing a "quick peek" that speeds the process of finding the right document.

For any project, some documents are accessed repeatedly. ShareVault's "favorites" function makes returning to vital documents fast and easy.

ShareVault includes an Advanced Search feature. A legal team member can search not only by keyword, but also by Recent, Read/Unread, Published By, and File Type. Search results are sorted by relevance and displayed with synopses that show the keyword(s) in context.

Efficient Communication & Collaboration

As questions arise in developing a document, the legal team can communicate safely by using ShareVault's Q&A module. A user can pose a question, with the option to have it viewed by other users or restricted to the viewing by the assigned project expert(s). The Q&A module ensures that the exchanges are kept secure, unlike the more hazardous use of email or instant messaging platforms like Slack.

Virtually any legal team project requires collaboratively generating one or more documents, such as a brief, Findings report, contract, or other legal document. ShareVault’s subscription plans include the ability to protect these work-in-progress documents with a feature called "dynamic native file protection" (DNFP). DNFP allows team members to collaborate on the creation of a Word, Excel, or other application document in a protected environment.

ShareVault plans also include Collabloop, task-management software for collaborative redlining of a brief or contract.

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