Litigation Document Management

24 February, 2021

Litigation is never easy. But brief preparation just got a whole lot easier.

Preparing a litigation brief is a challenge: Dueling attorneys, conflicting accounts, disputed documents, mounds of paperwork - and that’s just on your side of the table!

Collaboration is a key component

While the specifics of the litigation at issue determine the documents required, they may include the Complaint and legal claims and relief sought; jurisdiction of the Court; corporate bylaws; partnership and consulting agreements/contracts; non-disclosure, purchase and loan agreements; employee and vendor contracts; financial records; names and addresses of the parties.

Typically, assembling and assessing this trove of documents requires collaboration among multiple attorneys and a supporting cast, such as paralegals and CPA. These parties will need a structured approach that is organized and easy to use, and with multiple levels of security to protect confidential documents and discourse.

ShareVault Document Management software eases the load

Fortunately, technology can help. ShareVault’s Document Management software is the perfect tool to ensure your brief is well-organized and comprehensive, and that collaboration among all parties is secure:

  • Instant organization: Simply upload your documents to a ShareVault virtual data room and “tag” them. ShareVault’s unique hierarchical tags work like folders but have the additional advantage of providing cross-links to where a document appears in multiple locations within your brief. Filters allow sorting by file type, date, publishing source and can be “starred” as a favorite. At any point in brief preparation, you can add new tags and reorder using drag-and-drop – ShareVault’s litigation document management software will automatically update numbering.
  • Search: Speed your brief prep with ShareVault’s powerful search functions that allows you to locate important documents quickly and easily. Search results are sorted by relevance, with synopses showing how the searched keyword(s) are used in context.
  • Speed: To speed brief preparation, ShareVault features accelerated document review functionality, which includes “zoomable” thumbnails that present a quick peek of the first page of a document; and “infinite scrolling” that allows a user to quickly scan a document to determine its relevance.
  • Access:Your brief team can access documents in a ShareVault secure virtual room from any device and any web browser with the proper viewing permissions, without the need of your company’s IT department involvement.
  • Flexibility: With ShareVault’s unique architecture and controls over access, your litigation brief can be organized to support viewing or collaboration among multiple parties or counterparties. If desired, your litigation brief can be displayed in multiple languages.
  • Security: Since many litigation documents are confidential, ShareVault provides multiple levels of protection, starting with control over access to the ShareVault secure virtual data room where documents are stored. To further ensure access security, ShareVault provides team leaders with a set of permissions that control access to specific or all documents.
  1. Protected documents are AES-256 bit encrypted and can only be opened with an active ShareVault connection. More flexible than the limited view/print/save levels provided by a typical virtual data room, ShareVault provides full control over access, allowing you to specify whether or not a user has the right to print, save, copy/paste text, capture a screen or access the original document, whether a watermark should be applied, and an expiration date/time.
  2. Because it's so easy to change, you can modify the rights as your project progresses. Documents can be remotely "shredded", which means a user's permission to open a document can be revoked retroactively, even for files already downloaded.
  3. ShareVault document control technology is applied uniformly, regardless of whether documents are viewed on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.

ShareVault’s Litigation Document Management software is field-tested

ShareVault’s Litigation Document Management software has been utilized successfully by dozens of law firms. See the case studies listed below for details.

Focus on the case, not the process!

The value of your litigation brief team is their ability to assess the necessary components of your case and assemble a compelling argument. ShareVault supports your effort with Litigation Document Management software that ensures your brief is comprehensive; a virtual data room and permissions to ensure security; and document processing functionality that speeds the entire process.

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