Litigation Support

Securely Share E-Discovery Production Sets With Plantiffs, Opposing Counsel and Other Case Stakeholders

For large multi-district litigation cases, the volume of information being shared with plaintiff discovery teams is enormous. Out-of-date alternatives such as sending encrypted hard drives to opposing counsel are not only logistically complex, impractical and slow, but also do not provide the desired traceability.

ShareVault is a secure, easy, efficient and affordable way to streamline the distribution of E-discovery production sets. Whether the files being shared are documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) or encrypted containers such as TrueCrypt, ShareVault provides the ideal solution. The detailed audit trail that ShareVault generates will allow you to easily verify compliance with court orders for production document distribution to the other parties, in addition to ensuring compliance with discovery meeting agreements among defendant and plantiff attorneys.

Multi-billion dollar companies in the energy, automotive and retail sectors have used ShareVault for litigation support in corporate litigation cases that are among the largest in history. Our customers count on us for the ability to securely upload, manage and download production sets of up to 15 GB or more. ShareVault's ultra-secure platform provides full life-cycle encryption, including encryption at rest (with key management) and encryption in transit. It also provides persistent encryption for PDFs, which enables you to remotely "shred" documents even after they have been downloaded to the end user's device.

ShareVault has an efficient content ingest pipeline so your team can quickly upload terabytes of content in order to meet the tight deadlines set by the court. Your end users will have a simple, straightforward and reliable method for downloading the information for review.