Today's Oncology Landscape — An Expert's Perspective

19 June, 2019

oncology image Forty years ago, there were only about 35 oncology drugs in existence. Now fast-forward to the present and about 40% of all drugs in development are in oncology, and approximately 50% of all breakthrough therapies are in oncology. Not only are there many drugs being developed, but the drugs have the chance of offering substantial improvements over traditional therapies. Clearly, it’s an exciting field that will continue to innovate rapidly.

With this rapid pace of innovation spawning an unprecedented number of new investigational agents and companies in today’s oncology space, it can be challenging to track and understand current oncology agents in clinical development, the clinical trials testing them, and what it means for the future.

To get a better grasp of what today’s oncology landscape looks like, we invited Linda Pullan, PhD, of Pullan Consulting, to present a webinar that dives into what things look like now, her perspective on trends, pipelines by indication, what the deals are looking like and who are the big players and what drugs are they developing.

During the webinar, Linda will explore:

  • How today’s oncology market compares to other therapeutic areas
  • What the unmet needs are
  • Who the major players are and what they are developing
  • Trends to consider when planning drug development
  • What the deals are like and the stage of development in which they are taking place
  • What’s to come in the upcoming years

Please join us on June 20th as Linda delves into these questions and offers her expert perspective on what it all means for the exciting field of oncology today, and in the future.