24 January, 2023

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) are widely used for document sharing and collaboration in a variety of industries. When using a VDR, several features can be beneficial for users of all kinds. ShareVault prides itself on providing high-quality VDRs with a user-friendly design. Below are three parts to take advantage of when using a ShareVault VDR:

Advanced Security

All our VDRs include advanced security measures to keep your files and data safe. Our team has designed security features to meet strict regulatory data privacy compliance standards. These features include encryption, multi-factor authentication, and access controls so only authorized users can view or edit documents in your virtual data room.

Our two-step authentication can prevent hackers from accessing your documents. By demanding a second form of validation, two-factor authentication offers an additional degree of protection. When two-step verification is enabled, you'll be sent a secure access code by text message or through the Google Authenticator app. You can view all of your documents once you have been authenticated.

To stop unauthorized viewers from intercepting and stealing your information, ShareVault encrypts everything. All of our files are AES-256 encrypted. To maintain the highest level of security, we connect files between customers and their VDRs via HTTPS over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Search and Analytics

We provide secure page-level tracking that enables you to audit any document to assess user involvement. ShareVault groups user interaction by the date and time a document was accessed. To give users a broad overview of various trends or patterns in document use, interaction results are shown as a scrollable list of events or a graphical timeline.

ShareVault users can also examine multiple documents at once, link questions to specific document pages, and navigate between documents using hyperlinks. VDR search functions also allow users to search across all documents for a specific term, making it easier to find content quickly. Our search features expedite communication and may even reduce the duration of due diligence for all parties.

Collaboration Tools

An administrator can set up a data room, organizing particular folders and files as they see fit based on users. Through the VDR, parties can quickly exchange information and collaborate in real time. This can help accelerate research, as parties can more easily work together to review the documents necessary to make decisions.

Our annotation and commenting tools are also beneficial features for collaborative work in our VDRs. ShareVault makes it easy to make changes and provide input on the information being reviewed.

Check Out a ShareVault Virtual Data Room Today

With the help of ShareVault, you can protect your sensitive documents and keep access limited to authorized users only. If you're interested in learning about all the top features our VDRs have to offer, contact one of our customer service representatives and we will be happy to help.

ShareVault offers significant control over document access and user permissions, providing secure document sharing. We protect sensitive information, increase business productivity, and may even cut operating expenses. To set up a discussion regarding your VDR needs, get in touch with us today.