Investment Banking Deal Room

27 August, 2022

A safer, more efficient way to seal your Investment Bank deal.

An investment bank deal has a lot of moving parts – data, analytics, reams of supporting documents – contributed by multiple parties, many of whom are in remote locations. While the easing of pandemic restrictions will allow more face-to-face, the reality of managing an investment deal is that it always requires three things: collaboration, speed, and confidentiality.

Fortunately, savvy technologists at ShareVault have developed the ideal environment and tools for investment deal development.

Fast, Efficient Collaboration

ShareVault is a cloud-based online central document repository designed for facilitating investment deals. A ShareVault VDR provides a central hub where attorneys, auditors, consultants, investment groups and participating banks can review materials safely and securely.

Speedy Deal Development

ShareVault is designed for complex process management, such as developing a multi-party investment deal. Its features include:

Instant Organization

  • For fast, efficient document organization and access, simply upload your documents to a ShareVault secure virtual data room and “tag” them. ShareVault’s unique hierarchical tags work like folders but have the additional advantage of providing cross-links to where a document appears in multiple locations within your brief
  • Filters allow sorting by file type, date and publishing source and can be “starred” as a favorite
  • At any point in brief preparation, add new tags and reorder using drag-and-drop – ShareVault’s document management software will automatically update numbering
  • Seamless Integration: ShareVault works with many file-sharing applications, including DropBox, SharePoint, OneDrive and DocuSign

Smart Search

  • ShareVault has its own search engine that allows an individual to locate documents quickly and easily
  • Search results are sorted by relevance, with synopses showing how the searched keyword(s) are used in context
  • As you search, view “zoomable” thumbnails that provide a quick peek of a document’s first page and use “infinite scrolling” to quickly scan a document to determine its relevance

In-person or Remote Presentations

  • When presenting to a fundraising audience, ShareVault is designed for parties in the room or in remote locations to view your presentation
  • ShareVault’s built-in security software protects your Deal Room even when your customers are joining your presentation from a platform of unknown security quality
  • When documents need signatures, ShareVault’s partnership with DocuSign allows a user to send out a DocuSign document without the document leaving the secure environment of the VDR

The Ultimate Secure Deal Room

  • Only a user with proper password authentication has access to the ShareVault deal room
  • A due diligence team leader can select two-step verification, which enhances the security of a user's login process. The user is required to enter a secure code which is either delivered by phone text message or via the Google Authenticator app, available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry
  • Within the Deal Room, ShareVault continues to provide maximum protection with files encrypted with AES-256, file connections are via HTTPS over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), providing AES-256 encryption in transit
  • Page-level Tracking provides an audit of user interaction, by date/time, activity, group, user or tag. Results can be viewed as a scrollable list or on a graphical timeline
  • Since the status of a collaborator may change, the team leader can set an expiration date revoking access after a given date/time. He or she can also remotely “shred” documents, including documents that have already been downloaded

The Perfect Start: ShareVault’s Due Diligence Checklist

To get you on your way efficiently, ShareVault has developed a Due Diligence Checklist. Just download the document and it instantly provides folders and the organizational tools and search functions to get a deal up and running.

24-hour Support

ShareVault knows that with a deal on the line, time is everything. That’s why ShareVault provides round-the-clock support from our IT team who can answer questions and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

ShareVault: Focus on your Deal, not the Software!

The value of a great Investment bank team is their ability to examine, analyze, evaluate and recommend. ShareVault’s VDR deal rooms allow a team to focus on that value, without cumbersome and time-consuming document processing or concerns about security.


ShareVault for the Finance Industry