ShareVault and Chaperon Partner to Provide Secure Online Services

08 August, 2008

San Jose, CA - August 8, 2008 — ShareVault, of Los Gatos, CA, and Chaperon, LLC, of Louisville, CO, today announced a partnership to provide customers with a complete, secure online service for source code inspection and document sharing.

The service includes Chaperon’s Secure Source Code Inspecting Station and the ShareVault virtual data room, supporting due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, litigation discovery and project sizing/scoping. This will allow multiple parties to review confidential intellectual property documents and software source code using a secure environment and internet connection.“This partnership will allow customers secure access to source code IP, something that was previously only available on PDF documents,” said Richard Andersen, CEO of ShareVault. “Chaperon Secure Inspecting Station will give our customers the ability to navigate and search the source code files using powerful, yet easy to use graphical user interfaces.”

Chaperon Secure Inspecting Station can be used to browse, view, and inspect source code Intellectual Property (IP) while making it virtually impossible to copy or pirate it. Source code is fully protected during shipment and transport within the secure development environment. Only authorized parties can inspect the code. The solution allows for the IP owner to add and/or update the source code and for multiple parties to inspect the code simultaneously from multiple geographic locations, eliminating the cost of travel or expensive network connections.

"The ShareVault secure, on-demand virtual data room for multiple party access to supporting documentation complements our source code security model,” said Ashif Dhanani, CEO and President of Chaperon, LLC. “Together, we can offer a unique solution that will enable customers to securely host both documents and source code for litigation e-discovery and due diligence processes in connection with sell-side M&A.”

About ShareVault
ShareVault is the next-generation virtual data room for secure online sharing of sensitive documents during due diligence and other critical business processes. Applications include mergers and acquisitions (both buy side and sell side), commercial real estate, fundraising, technology licensing, syndicated loans, board of directors communications and strategic procurement. ShareVault is based on modern state-of-the art technology, providing a set of capabilities and advantages to accelerate the pace of the due diligence process.”

About Chaperon, LLC
Chaperon, LLC offers a unique portfolio of technology solutions that protect and manage source code Intellectual Property (IP) at every stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC) — no matter where it travels or who is working on it. Source code IP is protected from creation and transport to storage and retrieval whether it remains in-house, is outsourced, or sent offshore. Chaperon’s patent-pending technologies enable any business to safeguard the information that is vital to its survival and competitive viability while lowering security costs, enjoying the benefits of a flexible workforce, and taking advantage of worldwide labor pools without the risks.