Supply Chain Collaboration

ShareVault Provides An Organized and Easy-to-Use Document Repository That Securely Facilitates Supply Chain Collaboration

While global outsourcing continues to burgeon, organizations, in order to remain competitive, increasingly recognize the value of secure and efficient collaboration with supply chain partners. This requires a fast, easy and secure way to share documents with external parties such as strategic suppliers, outsourced manufacturing services, critical vendors and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).

Although the potential benefits of content sharing with industry collaborators are often recognized, supply chain managers also acknowledge the potential loss of sensitive information and business. With all that information sharing comes an increased need for security.

What's needed is a cloud-based platform that not only provides a solution to securely share sensitive information, but also organizes that information in a way that makes it easy for all involved parties to quickly and easily find what they need. What ShareVault provides is a secure, fast, easy-to-use, highly organized and customizable document repository that can be quickly deployed and easily integrated with your existing solutions.

Efficient information sharing is essential for any supply chain management (SCM) system and is critical for improving performance and enhancing the competitive advantage of an organization. Using ShareVault for supply chain communications also streamlines the operation and reduces costs.