8 February, 2023

A ShareVault virtual data room can help with commercial financing, especially during due diligence. Before loaning a large sum of money, you want to know that you are making a good investment. Due diligence can help you identify liabilities and determine if it's worth it to go forward with the deal.

How a Virtual Data Room Can Assist in Commercial Financing

Using a virtual data room during commercial financing deals can be helpful in multiple ways.

Efficient Due Diligence

When large amounts of money are on the line, you likely want to understand the business you are loaning money to. ShareVault helps make the due diligence process faster and more efficient without sacrificing security.

Organized Due Diligence Materials

When setting up a virtual data room, the client will often create a due diligence index with all the necessary materials and documents. ShareVault makes it easy to set up these indexes by allowing admins to drag and drop folders that they have already created. Our software can create folders with the same structure as the uploaded folders, making setup fast and simple.

Organized Structure

Our tagging system, full-text search, and smart filters make ShareVault organized and easy to navigate. When setting up the data room, the admin assigns tags to documents. The tagged documents will then be sorted into their prospective folders. Multiple tags can be assigned to one document. Our full-text search makes it easy to find those documents with specific keywords, and our smart filters help sort documents by using criteria such as read status.

Secure Batch Tools

Depending on the security settings you choose, our batch tools allow users to select multiple documents at once to download or print. Users do not have to access the data room each time they wish to look over a file, which can help save time. If the deal is not going to proceed further, documents can be virtually shredded. The document will then be unusable, even if it was previously downloaded.

Simple User Management

Due diligence can involve people from many roles including lawyers, accountants, and consultants. In some commercial financing deals, multiple people might need to look over documents before making a decision. Some data rooms have a set amount of users that can access the room – but not ShareVault. We allow an unlimited number of users for no extra cost because we know it can take more than a few people to make a deal.

ShareVault also makes it easy to add and manage users and groups. You only need an email to add a user, and you can add hundreds of emails at once. Once you add users and assign them to a group, you can assign permissions to the groups. This includes full rights, view only, etc. You can also do this task in batches by highlighting and selecting multiple groups to assign permissions to.

Helpful Q&A Module

Avoid less secure messaging systems with our Q&A module. Users can ask questions within the data room, and admins will be notified immediately. Admins can also make questions viewable to all users.

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Whether you're an investment banker, commercial lender, or business owner pursuing a commercial financing deal, a ShareVault virtual data room can help. Data rooms help accelerate the due diligence process, keep things organized, and allow you to invite multiple collaborators. Try ShareVault for free by starting your 7-day trial today.