21 June, 2023

Mergers and acquisitions are major transactions in the modern business world. These deals have the potential to change a business’ long-term trajectory. In the process of merging or acquiring other firms, companies must carefully navigate a complex regulatory landscape. One tool for navigating that complexity is the use of virtual data rooms. Virtual data room software can help to simplify the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process while adhering to governing regulations. Here is more information about how virtual data rooms can help with keeping in compliance:

What Are M&A Regulations?

Regulations vary from place to place, and cross-border transactions can add further complexity to regulatory requirements. Types of regulations include securities laws, anti-trust laws, privacy laws, and environmental regulations. Particularly relevant are laws addressing how companies undergoing M&A transactions share records. Failure to adhere to any of these requirements can lead to legal action, fines, and sometimes, reputational damage. Aside from legal consequences, ignoring regulations can also compromise business data like employee information, intellectual property, or finances.

How Can Virtual Data Room Software Help?

Virtual data rooms, or VDRs, are secure online storage platforms that enable companies to easily organize, share, and manage confidential documents. Because they are cloud-based, VDRs can be conveniently accessed from around the world by verified users. The security and management tools in virtual data room software from ShareVault can help companies comply with M&A regulations.


ShareVault software offers companies a reliable and secure platform for storing and sharing all the documents related to their M&A deals. These documents may include financial statements, contracts, business plans, employee agreements, regulatory filings, and other sensitive information. VDRs like ShareVault give administrators tight control over documents and greatly reduce risk. Materials can easily be restricted on an individual or organizational basis. Documents can be assigned expiration dates so that they are accessed only as long as users are permitted. It’s also possible to block documents from being printed, copied, or screenshotted. This mitigates the risk of regulatory infractions based on privacy while collecting needed documents in one place.


Some regulatory compliance also requires that the parties involved in the M&A provide regular documentation on transaction progress. To facilitate such requirements, ShareVault includes built-in reporting features, so regulators can receive scheduled updates as needed. Reports can be tailored to the needs of regulators, legal representation, or shareholders.


VDRs provide an extensive and easy-to-follow audit trail when compared to physical data rooms. Careful auditing of M&A documents is a necessary part of demonstrating compliance, making ShareVault’s audit tools invaluable. Audit tools can help with verifying the accuracy of documents with powerful comparison features. Such tools can also track the activity on the documents stored in the VDRs, including who accessed them when they accessed them, and what actions they took with them. This audit trail helps protect all the parties involved in the transaction from improper use or editing of documents. It can also highlight if any documents haven’t been seen by parties who should have access to them.

Protect Your M&A Transactions With VDRs

ShareVault software takes the many moving parts of M&A transactions and helps to streamline and consolidate them. We can help companies on either side of a M&A deal conduct a smooth and secure document-sharing process that meets regulatory standards. Between tight security, proactive auditing, and clear reporting, ShareVault has you covered. Contact ShareVault today for a demonstration or to learn more about the features and benefits of our VDR software.