ShareVault - The Premier Virtual Data Room Provider for Secure Document Sharing

8 November, 2022

A Virtual Data Room (VDR) provides a secure environment for storing confidential documents during due diligence and other critical business processes. VDRs are used by a multitude of businesses and are especially important in finance, legal, pharma product development and partnering, healthcare, and other fields where proprietary information is shared among internal teams and third parties. A VDR’s secure environment protects a company not only from its competition, but also from cybercrime.

As a VDR provider, ShareVault goes beyond an online repository for archived files. ShareVault has an extensive set of built-in tools that help a team organize folders and files, search for documents, and produce audit reports, all within an ultra-secure environment. These tools improve the speed and accuracy of pharma product development, M&A due diligence, legal briefs, intellectual property submissions, board meetings, and other critical projects that require the sharing of sensitive information.

With its bank-grade security and ease of use, ShareVault is the number one choice for billion-dollar investment deals as well as contracts, fundraising, partnering, and other vital business functions for large and SMB companies.

Due Diligence & Deal Making

Due diligence is an intensive, comprehensive appraisal of a business and its current and potential value, undertaken by a seller preparing its offering to the market or by a prospective buyer. Due diligence requires access to sensitive, confidential information housed in company records or provided by third-party analysts, counsel, and experts. In the past, companies maintained these files in a physical data room and parties could only view them in person, usually in a conference room with a lawyer present.

In today’s digital age, these confidential documents are organized and stored in the cloud. As a result, vast numbers of documents can be securely archived for due diligence review. Access to the data room can be customized so that users can only access documents they need to see and not others. Administrators can further define what a user is allowed to do with a document. For instance, documents can be View Only and actions such as downloading, printing, saving, and taking screenshots can be restricted. ShareVault even allows for “remote shredding”, meaning an administrator can deny access to a document even after it’s been downloaded to a user’s personal device. To help speed the long due diligence process, ShareVault now provides template forms for many of the typical documents needed.

In addition to our due diligence tools and templates, ShareVault has a support team ready 24/7 to answer questions and speed the process. With more than a decade of experience, ShareVault is the smart choice for due diligence, fundraising, M&A, licensing, and biopharma partnering.

Corporate Document Sharing

Document and data sharing occurs in due diligence and a host of other business functions where confidential information is used to identify value and evaluate interest. When these business functions include proprietary and confidential documents and data, use a VDR to protect the company's secrets. Among these uses are:

  • Organize and protect sensitive documents in restricted-access archives
  • Provide secure, authorized access to specific stakeholders, including third-party experts and regulatory agencies
  • Monitor access and use of company documents and data
  • Produce audits of document access for internal or regulatory review

ShareVault and its experienced support team are the best choice for a Virtual Deal and Data Room provider. With ShareVault’s secure environment, intuitive user interface, and advanced built-in tools, companies can focus on what they do best, instead of worrying about the security of their documents.

Investor Communications

ShareVault’s secure Virtual Data Room is especially important for finance, including private equity firms, investment banks, and venture funds. These firms not only use the VDR platform for dealmaking, but also to distribute statements and reports to limited partners, such as distribution statements, K-1s, and capital calls.

ShareVault’s VDR provides a secure environment where fund teams can collaborate with account managers, analysts, and other experts to share and review statements and reports. Since access to documents is limited to authorized users, ShareVault’s protections work even when these outside parties access documents from a remote computer that may not be totally secure. Unlike email or sharing platforms like Slack and Asana, document collaboration with ShareVault is always bank-grade secure.

Choose the Best Virtual Data Room Provider

Look for the best virtual data room providers with an all-inclusive product for sharing and organizing confidential documents. ShareVault has the features to address your company’s unique needs.

Use our platform to facilitate due diligence and conduct other business transactions requiring document sharing in a controlled and safe environment. Contact us to start taking control of your most sensitive documents!