16 March, 2023

Virtual data rooms are online platforms that allow users to share confidential documents securely. If you are an entrepreneur looking to raise capital for your start-up company, a ShareVault virtual data room can help expedite the process. Our cloud-based software provides bank-grade security and is easy to use, so you can easily share documents and information with potential investors.

How a Virtual Data Room Can Help Raise Capital

Our virtual data rooms are easy-to-use, fast, and functional. We aim to make the due diligence process easy and efficient so you can focus on growing your business. Here are some ways our rooms can help you raise capital:

Accelerate the Due Diligence Process

Due diligence is one aspect of raising capital in a start-up. In the past, business owners had to email multiple people and attach all documents separately. Errors and miscommunications were much more common because of the many separate conversations. Virtual information rooms allow you to add investors to the room as users, granting them immediate access to your documents. You can edit the permissions of individual users or groups of users. We do not limit the number of users allowed in the room, so you can negotiate with multiple investors simultaneously. Keeping your documents in one easy-to-share place can accelerate the due diligence process so you can raise capital more quickly.

Improve Security

ShareVault uses the same bank-grade security that traditional data rooms are known for but are much easier to use. ShareVault has many safety certifications, including SOC 1/2/3, PCI, FedRAMP Moderate, HIPAA, and HITRUST. These third parties gave us these certifications because our software meets their security requirements. We also offer two-factor authentication. Our ShareVault files are encrypted with AES 256, which prevents access via the backend. ShareVault prevents hackers from gaining access to confidential documents, but our security also extends to documents that have been willingly shared with other parties by an approved user. This means that even after being deployed to other parties by a user, ShareVault will keep these documents protected and secure.

Keep Information Organized

When your company's information is organized and easy to access, you improve the due diligence process for yourself and your potential investors. Users can easily find the information they are looking for using folders set up by the admins. Admins can also use our hierarchical tagging system to tag documents based on their content. Multiple tags can be applied to one document so that the same document will appear in all appropriate folders without creating duplicates. Users can also favorite documents to come back to or can see documents that they recently accessed.

Control Information

When you use a ShareVault virtual data room, you can control your valuable information. You can control who can access the information and decrease misinformation or miscommunication. You can also set different permissions for different users and monitor users' time spent inside the room. The time that users spend on individual documents can also be monitored. This high level of control allows you to protect your company's intellectual property and make sure that only approved people are accessing your documents.

Increase Transparency and Communication

Increase transparency between you and your potential investors by sharing your documents and information. Your virtual data room can give investors access to the necessary documents and may help build trust between parties. ShareVault also helps you increase communication by allowing users to ask questions within a built-in Q&A module and receive answers quickly. The administrator can decide if they want to make the answer to the question viewable to all users or private to the asker.

Enhance Collaboration

When raising capital for your start-up and undergoing the due diligence process, many different parties may need to be involved. Due diligence can involve lawyers, analysts, accountants, and other third parties. ShareVault data rooms make it easier for all groups to collaborate while giving them access to the same documents.

Get 24/7 Support

When you use ShareVault, you can expect 24-hour tech support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you or one of your investors is experiencing an issue, you can reach out to receive quick support. With our support, you don't need to be constantly available to fix technical issues on your own. Focus on what matters, and we will make sure that your virtual data room runs smoothly.

Try a ShareVault Virtual Data Room

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to quickly and safely raise capital for your start-up, then consider using a ShareVault virtual data room. We allow you to collaborate and share necessary documents with all the involved parties. Our data rooms can help keep your documents secure while making the due diligence process easier for you and your potential investors. Get started with your free trial today!

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