23 January, 2023

If you’re in the biotech industry and want to leverage a virtual data room to improve your business proceedings, then ShareVault can help. We understand the biotech and life sciences industries and what you need from a data room. Our secure virtual data rooms can help you manage clinical trials, fundraise more efficiently, and stay organized and compliant.

How Biotech Companies Can Use Virtual Data Rooms

We want your experience with our platform to be reliable, intuitive, and fast. While we strive to offer these benefits with every data room, we know the biotech industry requires specific things from their data rooms.

Managing Clinical Trials

Product development in the biotech industry often requires clinical trials. To comply with HIPAA guidelines, protected health information must be kept confidential. Using a virtual data room can also help keep data organized, as clinical trials often involve large numbers of patients.

Proper communication between all parties must also be maintained during clinical trials. Our data rooms allow an unlimited number of users and admins, so professionals needing access to trial data can be added by an administrator at any time.


Our data rooms can help speed up the fundraising process. ShareVault’s interface is easy to navigate, which allows investors to spend less time looking for documents. We also make it easy to stay in touch and reply quickly to questions. These organization features make it much easier to manage each step of the fundraising process. You can also share information with as many people as you would like, so you don't have to undergo the process multiple times.

Intellectual Property Protection

Protecting intellectual property involves more than keeping it away from the wrong people. To fully protect your intellectual property, you need to be sure you are sharing information with people who won't take advantage of your information. Using our secure data rooms, you can control how much information is shared at once, keeping it on a need-to-know basis. As relationships develop, you can share more documents and information. Using this system helps protect your intellectual property during the licensing process.


ShareVault's organizational structure allows you to save time on fundraisers and deals. Our interface is easy to understand and use, and we offer helpful search and tagging solutions. When you search a word or phrase, every document containing those words will be highlighted. You can also tag documents into multiple folders, making them easy to organize and find.

Why Choose ShareVault?

ShareVault is the top provider of virtual data rooms for the biotech market. We offer innovative solutions for common business proceedings. In addition to our exceptional product, ShareVault offers:

  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Unlimited users and admins
  • Affordable personal pricing model

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