10 April, 2023

The development of research and technology on digital platforms has further increased the necessity of information security. Virtual data room providers like ShareVault offer tools to help implement strong information security policies.

Pharmaceuticals may be one of the industries where such policies are most important. Pharma companies are custodians not only of employee and business data but also of sensitive research data. If clinical trial data were released prematurely, it could compromise the trials, requiring them to be redone. If patented formula information got out, it could be exploited by competitors.That’s why strong information security policies are critical for the pharmaceutical industry.

What You’re Protecting Against

When practicing information security, you should understand the kind of threats your systems may face. The data most commonly threatened by cyber attacks is employee and patient information. Pharmaceutical companies tend to collect large amounts of patient data, which cybercriminals can sell to third parties. This can put patients and employees at risk of identity theft, and increase the risk of further security breaches.

Besides the risk to personal information, pharmaceutical companies are custodians of valuable research and technology. Security vulnerabilities leave them open to compromised research at best, or counterfeit products at worst. Either case can significantly impact the financial stability and reputation of the company.

How Virtual Data Room Providers Help

Though information security risks may seem dire, many simple strategies exist to mitigate them. ShareVault and its virtual data room tools can contribute greatly to a strong information security policy.

One of the top means of limiting information security risks is minimizing access to secure data. Equipment with sensitive information should be properly protected with password credentials, and not left in areas accessible to unauthorized personnel.

Virtual data rooms can augment this security by reducing storage on physical equipment. Cloud storage means that the main safeguard for data can be limited to login credentials.

Data room security features also include:

Dynamic Watermarking

ShareVault has the ability to automatically apply customized, dynamic watermarks to each page of protected documents. Watermarks are clearly visible, applied diagonally across the page or screen, yet do not interfere with the readability of the underlying text. The watermark text is customizable with the following dynamic information:

  • User's email address
  • User's IP address
  • Current date
  • Current time

Watermarking provides a clear indication to the reader that the content is confidential, and since the user identity can be included in the watermark, it allows for a simple but effective deterrent against distribution of the printed documents (if you allow for printing) to unauthorized readers.

Information Rights Management (IRM)

ShareVault's powerful Information Rights Management (IRM) technology allows administrators to retain persistent control over documents shared with third parties. Protected documents are AES-256 bit encrypted and can only be opened by users with current rights, so documents can be remotely "shredded". In other words, a user's permission to open a document can be revoked retroactively, even for files already downloaded.

Screen Capture Prevention

ShareVault is the only virtual data room that can be configured to prevent screen capture of displayed documents. Screen Capture Blocking is extremely robust and blocks not only third party screen capture software (such as SnagIt), but also screen recording and screen sharing software (such as GotoMeeting), so your confidential content is displayed only to the intended users.

Fortify Your Information Security With Virtual Data Rooms

Easy-to-manage control over online data is a significant portion of strong information security. Virtual data room providers design systems with that level of control in mind. With ShareVault virtual data rooms, you can be confident that you maintain control of your sensitive information. The variety of built-in monitoring and security features of ShareVault data rooms allows you to quickly customize your information security policies for different access needs. Visit ShareVault to learn more about building virtual data rooms into your information security.

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