Virtual Deal Rooms: Stress-free High-Stakes Transactions

13 December, 2022

A virtual deal room (VDR) is an online platform designed to store large volumes of sensitive documents that users can share both within and beyond the corporate firewall. A VDR is an essential security measure for complex financial projects like due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, loan syndication, private equity offers, and venture capital transactions.

ShareVault has been the VDR of choice for due diligence for more than 15 years and host to more than $50 billion in transactions. ShareVault’s enterprise-grade security and built-in software tools allow a due diligence team to store, organize, and collaborate on confidential documents faster than any other platform. Below are ShareVault features that help companies achieve stress-free high-stakes transactions.

Archiving Confidential Documents

The complex process of due diligence starts with accumulating large numbers of documents, which can include financial records, trade and vendor contract information, employee data and policies, and valuations and projections created by analysts.The virtual data room stores these documents.

ShareVault provides powerful, easy-to-use tools to organize and maintain control of archived documents in an enterprise-grade secure environment, even on computers and devices that are outside the control of your IT department. ShareVault document protection technology is applied uniformly, regardless of whether files are viewed in the browser, on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.

For the due diligence team leader, populating folders is as simple as drag-and-drop. ShareVault’s auto indexing feature allows parties to identify the latest iteration of an analysis or project brief. And ShareVault’s “hierarchical tags” - subject-matter hashtags applied to each document - make it easy for the team to search for related documents, without the need for the team leader to place duplicate documents in multiple folders.

The team administrator controls access to folders and document files with passwords and permissioning protocols, such as limiting access to specific documents and/or limiting usage - view only, editing, downloading, printing, etc. The administrator can extend or deny access at any time during the due diligence process. The administrator also has access to a detailed history of document access by date, time, user, and usage, a valuable tool during a regulatory audit.

When the time is right, the due diligence team can extend access to prospective investors.

Collaborating on a Secure Platform

Due diligence is a team sport. The due diligence team typically includes a project manager, staff members, accountants, data analysts, lawyers, and other professionals.

One challenge is keeping the team’s documents properly updated. ShareVault’s virtual data room answers that challenge, by keeping all relevant documents in a single secure place and identifying each document iteration by date and time. That way, a user will immediately know if she or he is working on the latest version.

Another challenge of collaboration is security. The sensitive nature of archived documents and the work-in-progress analytics and brief make these collaborations vulnerable to hackers, especially for team members in remote locations where the security of servers and other electronic devices can be suspect. ShareVault’s VDR environment and multiple levels of encryption deliver the highest possible grade of protection, so that every aspect of brief development is secure. ShareVault provides an optional feature, Dynamic Native File Protection (DNFP), which protects work-in-progress documents like analytics, reports, and the due diligence brief.

Customize your Virtual Data Room

The due diligence process generally contains a standard range of elements. That’s why ShareVault created the Due Diligence Checklist, a template that jump-starts the team’s work, with pre-set tools to create and organize folders and files and set up password and permissions protocols.

With ShareVault’s deep experience in the field, the company has developed tools to help customize a due diligence process and brief to fit any company’s needs. Customizing tools include the ability to embed the company logo on every page, including the login page, and to create a custom url.

ShareVault knows that due diligence is a high-pressure endeavor. That’s why the company assigns a dedicated manager with experience in the due diligence process. And ShareVault’s experienced support team is available 24/7.

Use ShareVault, a Reliable Virtual Deal Room Solution

ShareVault is the best choice for due diligence: bank-grade security, easy to use, easy to collaborate securely even with remote parties.

ShareVault is flexible, too: update access permissions and other rights as the due diligence brief progresses, right up to the moment you invite prospective investors.

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