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Virtual Data Room Providers for
Accelerated M&A Due Diligence

Due Diligence—the deep-dive appraisal of a company’s assets and liabilities—is an essential part of any mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transaction. Due diligence allows the buyer to evaluate the commercial potential of a target company and assess its risks. The process typically involves exposing highly confidential information, such as customer lists, employee agreements, vendor contracts, and financial statements. A virtual data room facilitates the due diligence process by organizing due diligence documents and ensuring the complete security and confidentiality of all documents and data exposed in the process.

Choosing a state-of-the-art virtual data room provider is a critical decision as you ready your firm for a merger or acquisition. A seamless due diligence process will not only increase valuation but can also be the difference between a deal that succeeds and one that fails.

ShareVault provides the ideal platform for securely presenting a company's due diligence materials during an M&A transaction. ShareVault’s industry-leading features speed the process with tools that help the team throughout the process, from initial marketing phases to potential buyers, through to post-term sheet due diligence and even post-merger integration. ShareVault’s security and built-in tools help you to:

Best of all, ShareVault has deep experience in M&A due diligence, and its 24/7 support crew is ready to assist your team every step of the way.

Virtual Data Room Providers Key Benefits

Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions can contain thousands of documents that need to be reviewed. Our content management and organization features make uploading, viewing, and managing the documents a breeze.

In addition to its 24/7 support team, ShareVault includes features that speed the due diligence document review process:

  • ShareVault’s Due Diligence Checklist, a template that ensures you have all the documents you need is organized for an optimal presentation
  • A quick and easy way to create folders
  • Hierarchical tags, which allows a single copy of a document to appear in multiple locations
  • Advanced search functions
  • Authorization controls over access, with end-dates on access
  • Authorization controls over usage, such as view only or the ability to restrict printing, downloading, taking screenshots, etc.
  • Dynamic Watermarking to protect documents that are downloaded
  • Ability to create Audit Reports of all activity, a necessary function during regulatory reviews

With these and other advanced data room features, ShareVault ensures a fast and smooth due diligence process, for seller and buyer alike.

For a better understanding of how easily ShareVault can improve your next M&A transaction check out our demo:


ShareVault M&A Due Diligence Webinars and White Papers

We frequently partner with M&A experts to produce webinars and white papers on M&A best practices. To learn more, please visit our M&A Best Practices Series page.

Example M&A Transactions Completed Using ShareVault

M&A Customer Testimonials

“Novalar recently completed an important sell-side M&A deal using ShareVault. The buyer found the ShareVault interface to be very intuitive and easy to learn, navigate and use. This was their first exposure to a virtual data room and they were very impressed with ShareVault's excellent performance. From our standpoint, we didn't encounter a single problem or technical issue with ShareVault. It downloaded documents in seconds and unlike other VDRs, did not require a lot of steps to complete each task. As an administrator, it was very easy to learn and use which simplified the process considerably and made ShareVault a very cost effective solution."

Derek Kelaita, Senior Director,
Corporate Development, Novalar Pharmaceuticals.

“The ability to use ShareVault from a user perspective was straight-forward, intuitive and easy to learn. More importantly, the administrator we assigned for ShareVault was able to learn the procedures for set up of the file structure and for how to control access in a rapid fashion. The tracking metrics were great, allowing us on a real time basis to see who had been accessing each document and for how long they were logged in. ShareVault remained up and running during the entire sale process. I was very happy with the selection of ShareVault and felt that it contributed to the ability to complete our process on a timely basis."

Mark Fischer-Colbrie, former CFO,
Adeza Biomedical.

“ShareVault was a tremendous asset to facilitate our recent deal in several ways. Most important, ShareVault was “there” when anyone, from either side, had data room questions or needs. ShareVault is very intuitive, and the buy-side appreciated the ease-of-use and responsiveness."

Jim McCarthy, former Sr. Vice President,
Corporate Development, EGEN, Inc.