Deal Rooms: Streamlining Virtual Deals

13 December, 2022

Every aspect of business can now be conducted online. Even complex affairs that involve collaboration among a host of in-house and remote parties, like mergers & Acquisitions and pharma product development, have moved to the online environment.

While working online has been shown to be more efficient, security issues have increased as well. The best answer for businesses that share confidential documents online is a Virtual Data Rom (VDR), a secure online repository for sensitive documents. Teams can access, share, and collaborate in a secure environment. Administrative controls for the VDR ensure that only authorized users have access to confidential documents, with additional controls over their use.

A virtual data room is perfectly designed to facilitate online deals and transactions, under-the-wraps product development, board meetings, and other critical business affairs.

ShareVault is a reputable virtual deal room provider that offers businesses a secure platform for online collaborations, powered by the latest encryption technology. With more than 15 years of experience, ShareVault is a leader in the field, and has developed software tools to help streamline virtual deal workflows and improve productivity.

How Does a Virtual Deal Room Work?

1 Get organized: Create folders and upload documents - with ShareVault, that’s a simple drag-and-drop. To speed search, add hashtags (hierarchical tags) to documents - now there’s no need to duplicate documents and place them in multiple folders

2 Set permissions: the VDR administrator creates passwords so that team members can access documents from a range of devices. Each user’s permissions are specific - view, edit, print, download, etc. The administrator can also set cut-off dates for access

3 Collaborate: Team members access the documents they need and collaborate within the secure VDR environment. ShareVault’s protections can include collaborative work-in-progress documents, like a due diligence deal sheet or a lab’s submission to a pharma company

4 Present: When a deal or proposal is ready, the administrator can invite third-party review by senior management, investors, or regulatory agencies.

With a VDR solution like ShareVault, a business benefits from a user-friendly platform that facilitates secure collaboration and document sharing. Everyone involved will have access to the documents they need at any time they need, as long as they have permission. That means faster, more efficient deals with fewer security compromises.

Three Ways a Deal Room Streamlines Virtual Deals

An Easy-to-Use Interface

ShareVault's data room provides users with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate the platform. It supports a wide range of document types, including media files and data sets. It is easy to organize folders and upload files, and the hierarchical tags ensure fast search. For easy referencing, a user can mark a file as a favorite. When a question arises, a user can use the Q&A feature to get feedback from subject matter experts. And to improve the look and feel of the VDR, the administrator can customize the interface with the company's logo and get a custom URL link for the login page.

High-Grade Security

A key aspect that makes ShareVault stand out is its uncompromising commitment to security. ShareVault uses AES-256 encryption, two-factor authentication, IP tracking, and more to guarantee that confidential files remain secure. ShareVault’s permissioning system limits access to authorized users, with additional controls that includes allowing users to access only certain documents, setting expiration dates on documents, and adding watermarks to prevent unauthorized copying and printing.

To boost productivity and meet regulatory reporting requirements, the ShareVault data room also includes extensive tracking and monitoring. The administrator or team leader can track who has accessed which documents, when they were viewed and printed, and other activities. When under review by a potential merger partner or a regulatory agency, the administrator can provide a comprehensive report of all activity with the click of a mouse.

Integration With Other Applications

When looking for a virtual data room, organizations should look for one that offers integration with other applications they use. ShareVault integrates seamlessly with popular cloud storage solutions so users can easily sync their documents between the cloud storage and data room for easy access. You can also integrate your data room with DocuSign, which allows authorized users to quickly and securely sign documents within the data room.

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ShareVault is the ideal solution for businesses that need to facilitate a merger & acquisition, conduct due diligence, organize asset deals, move a product through the development process, or conduct other affairs that involve confidential documents. ShareVault’s field-tested platform is user-friendly and has the tools a company needs to streamline the deal-making process.

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