Corporate Document Sharing: Tips & Tricks

13 December, 2022

A virtual data room (VDR) is a secure platform where a company can share confidential documents and data. Only authorized users are permitted access to the VDR. The VDR administrator controls permissions: who has access to all or specific folders and documents, and what the user is permitted to do with a document. These controls ensure that team members can collaborate on important projects in a fully-secure environment, including those who participate from a remote location or use any of a range of devices.

ShareVault has more than 15 years of providing bank-grade security for corporate document sharing. We have developed the tools you need to offer real-time access at all stages of your deal, regardless of where you are. Here are tips and tricks for corporate document sharing.

Look for a Secure File-Sharing Method

For your team to work effectively, they should have easy access to data needed to perform their jobs efficiently. Standardizing how you share sensitive information with team members, business partners, and potential investors requires a data room that will maintain the integrity and privacy of your business data.

ShareVault’s platform provides end-to-end encryption, which means only those with whom you share files can view them. End-to-end encryption protects against hackers who want to get into your system and steal your files.

Once an authorized user is on the ShareVault platform, he or she can proceed with an assignment - accessing archived documents, sharing flies, generating a proposal or other new documents - just as he or she normally would. With ShareVault, secure document sharing is built-in.

ShareVault’s easy-to-use, powerful tools keep a company in secure control of all of its confidential documents. ShareVault takes any threats to information security, confidentiality, and data integrity very seriously. Our company has implemented security measures to safeguard your system from unauthorized access.

Control Accessibility to Data and Information

A company needs to control access to some confidential documents, even from company team members. Examples include HR reports, medical records, legal documents and other confidential files that should only be viewed by specific departments and personnel. Regulating accessibility to these documents not only protects the company and its employees, but also ensures the company meets regulatory privacy guidelines.

ShareVault’s permissioning tools meet this challenge. The VDR administrator can limit a user’s access to specific folders and documents. Additional controls govern usage, e.,g., view only, share, edit, download, print. The administrator can also set cut-off dates for access to a document, and can “shred” a document even after it has been downloaded.

ShareVault’s tracking tool allows administrative oversight of user activity, everything from the time a user spends viewing a document to whether or not they make revisions, download, or print a document. This tracking information helps improve team productivity, and it provides the necessary data for audits used in deal-making and regulatory submissions.

Find a Platform That Can Handle Your Business Needs

A data room provider who can meet your business's unique needs will boost your ability to close deals successfully, including those that require regulatory submissions.

In choosing a provider, make sure to choose one with business-grade security. Important and confidential corporate documents require more security safeguards than those offered by standard online file hosting services.

Choose ShareVault, the Best Virtual Data Room Platform

ShareVault provides a host of smart, easy-to-use tools to control confidential documents, even on devices and computers that aren't within your IT department's control. Those controls can be customized on per folder, per-user, per-group, and per usage basis. Our features and tools allow a company to focus on what’s important: the deal and not the software.

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