Secure File Sharing for Legal Services—5 Essential Benefits

01 September, 2019

There may be no profession with a greater need for sharing large amounts of information than the document-centric legal world. Moreover, the process involves sharing these large volumes of documents both quickly and with meticulous attention to security.

Any successful legal process—for the corporate legal department and private law firm alike—depends on the ability to effectively and securely manage critical information exchanged between multiple parties.

Gone are the days when lawyers would carry sensitive legal documents in a briefcase or the trunk of their car. Just as these physical means of security were relatively easy to breach, electronic means of document sharing, including email, FTP sites, and other archaic document delivery methods, have also proven to be both insecure and inefficient.

The best way to navigate today’s legal processes is to utilize a centralized cloud-based repository that is not only organized, secure, and auditable, but also provides authorized users secure and customized access from anywhere, at any time.

ShareVault provides lawyers and their clients a powerful, secure and easy-to-use online data repository that manages the exchange of critical legal documents, facilitating communication and collaboration, while also serving as a powerful tool to establish a state of readiness for key legal events.

With ShareVault, law firms and in-house counsel can easily access, publish, manage and search all case-relevant documents on a 24/7 basis, as well as share them with multiple parties, including legal teams, clients, expert witnesses, litigation support vendors, or anyone else who has been granted appropriate access.

ShareVault gives law firms the ability to exchange thousands of confidential documents with multiple parties in diverse locations, thus streamlining the legal process as well as reducing costs. And, because it’s equipped with powerful reporting tools and works in concert with existing document management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365, DocuSign, Box, and Dropbox, and it meets litigation’s exacting compliance and risk management standards.

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Prepare Quickly

When getting ready for a case, the last thing a legal team wants is a complex and lengthy process for preparing and sharing documents. ShareVault makes it easy to upload and organize documents, invite users, and set permissions and policies. From drag-and-drop user/group management to the unique in-browser drag-and-drop uploader and automated PDF conversion, ShareVault was designed for rapid and streamlined deployment.

Organize & Present Efficiently

ShareVault provides an intuitive system for organizing legal documents in a structured hierarchy so they are easy to manage, search, review, and share. ShareVault’s ability to “tag” files and folders eliminates the need to house files in multiple locations, pay for additional pages in replicated documents or combine document access statistics for multiple instances of the same file. No other document or file sharing solution offers this simple, yet powerful, tagging capability.

Our indexed full-text search feature allows users to quickly find documents that relate to relevant keywords. In addition, ShareVault provides relevance ranking, in-place document synopsis, and zoomable first page thumbnails for each search result, so users can quickly and easily isolate the documents they’re looking for.

Streamline the Process

Because ShareVault features PDF streaming, documents open to the first page instantly, even if they contain thousands of pages. This keeps the document review process moving quickly and prevents the user from getting bogged down waiting for large documents to load.

Employ Digital Rights Management

Today’s legal processes often involve sharing sensitive documents with multiple parties in diverse locations beyond the protection of the corporate firewall. In these instances, ShareVault becomes a law firm’s secure extranet, allowing for the control and management of documents in the cloud, enhancing efficiencies, reducing costs, and facilitating collaboration between all involved parties.

When documents are uploaded to ShareVault, they are automatically converted to an encrypted PDF format. This PDF document encryption allows for all the features of Digital Rights Management, including the ability to revoke access to any document at any time, even if the document has been downloaded. ShareVault also provides the ability to apply additional security attributes, including inhibiting document download, preventing printing, applying secure dynamic watermarks, identifying the user, and blocking screenshots.

Track User Activity

ShareVault’s powerful reporting capabilities allow administrators to track all user activity including who has viewed documents and even how long they viewed particular pages. This comprehensive audit trail can provide valuable information regarding users’ areas of interest and concern, as well as maintain compliance transparency.

Wrap Up

In this article, we shared the 5 essential benefits of secure file sharing for legal services. ShareVault is a secure one-stop platform that facilitates users with a variety of features to ensure information security and confidentiality.

To learn more best practices for legal services and how ShareVault can help, request a walk-through demo today or download our Solution Brief here.