14 August, 2023

In the fast-paced world of business and finance, secure and efficient data management is paramount. Companies involved in mergers and acquisitions, clinical trials, fundraising, and other high-stakes projects require robust solutions for storing, sharing, and collaborating on sensitive information. This is where virtual data rooms (VDRs) come into play, providing secure online repositories for confidential documents and fostering collaboration among authorized stakeholders.

Among the top-tier VDRs in the market, ShareVault stands out as a leading platform, offering a unique advantage through seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint. This partnership creates an unbeatable combination that takes data management to new heights, providing businesses with a powerful tool for information organization, sharing, and control.

The ShareVault Virtual Data Room Advantage

ShareVault is a cloud-based virtual data room platform designed to facilitate secure document storage, sharing, and collaboration in highly regulated industries. It has gained widespread popularity among businesses and professionals who value data security and need to share sensitive information with external partners securely.

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Key features of ShareVault Virtual Data Rooms include:

Robust Security

ShareVault employs state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard data against unauthorized access, ensuring the utmost confidentiality. Features like document encryption, access controls, watermarks, and two-factor authentication help maintain data integrity and control.

Virtual Data Room Security

User-Friendly Interface

ShareVault boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing users to navigate the platform effortlessly. This ease of use is essential for smooth collaboration among various stakeholders, regardless of their technical expertise.

Activity Tracking

ShareVault provides detailed audit trails and activity logs, enabling administrators to monitor user interactions with documents. This feature not only enhances security but also offers valuable insights into user behavior and document engagement.

Virtual Data Room Audit Tracking

Document Protection

With ShareVault, administrators can implement various rights management controls, such as disabling printing, copying, or downloading of documents, mitigating the risk of data leaks or unauthorized distribution.

Compliance and Reporting

For industries with strict regulatory requirements, ShareVault offers compliance features that help businesses adhere to various industry regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or FINRA. Additionally, reporting tools provide a comprehensive overview of data room activity.

Custom Branding

ShareVault allows businesses to customize the platform with their branding elements, reinforcing a sense of trust and professionalism among users.

The Power of SharePoint Integration

Microsoft SharePoint is a leading enterprise content management and collaboration platform. It is widely adopted by businesses of all sizes to facilitate teamwork, document management, and knowledge sharing within organizations. By integrating ShareVault with SharePoint, businesses can leverage the strengths of both platforms, creating a seamless workflow that enhances data management capabilities.

Unified Data Repository

With SharePoint integration, users can access and manage ShareVault documents directly from their SharePoint interface. This integration brings together the collaborative features of SharePoint with the secure document storage capabilities of ShareVault, creating a unified and efficient data repository.

Streamlined Collaboration

The integration allows users to collaborate on ShareVault documents through SharePoint, fostering efficient teamwork and communication. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms, saving time and reducing potential workflow disruptions.

Enhanced Document Search and Discovery

SharePoint's powerful search functionality is seamlessly extended to ShareVault documents, enabling users to find relevant information quickly. This feature becomes invaluable when dealing with large volumes of data, saving users from the frustration of manual document searches.

Version Control and Document Synchronization

SharePoint's version control capabilities ensure that the most up-to-date version of a document is always accessible. By integrating with ShareVault, SharePoint can synchronize document changes automatically, reducing the risk of confusion caused by outdated information.

Simplified User Management

SharePoint integration streamlines user management by allowing administrators to control access to ShareVault documents through SharePoint's user management system. This centralization simplifies the process of granting and revoking user permissions, improving overall data security.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

SharePoint integration enables the consolidation of data room activity and usage statistics with SharePoint analytics. This comprehensive view of data engagement can provide valuable insights for business decision-making and strategy development.

Use Cases for SharePoint-ShareVault Integration

The integration of ShareVault with SharePoint opens up a world of possibilities for businesses across various industries. Some of the most prominent use cases include:

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

M&A transactions involve a plethora of sensitive documents, including financial data, legal agreements, and intellectual property. SharePoint-ShareVault integration simplifies due diligence and streamlines communication among stakeholders, expediting the deal-making process.

Clinical Trials

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, clinical trial data is highly confidential and subject to strict regulations. Integrating ShareVault with SharePoint allows researchers, sponsors, and regulatory bodies to collaborate effectively while maintaining data privacy and compliance.

Virtual Data Room Audit Tracking

Fundraising and Investor Relations

Startups and businesses seeking funding must share sensitive financial information with potential investors. The integration enables secure and efficient data sharing during fundraising rounds, while SharePoint's reporting tools provide insights into investor engagement.

Legal and Litigation

Law firms and legal departments handling complex cases often deal with vast amounts of confidential documents. SharePoint-ShareVault integration simplifies document organization, enhances collaboration among legal teams, and ensures data security throughout the litigation process.


In today's data-driven world, businesses must prioritize secure and efficient data management to thrive in competitive environments. The integration of ShareVault with Microsoft SharePoint creates a powerful partnership that combines the collaborative capabilities of SharePoint with the robust security features of ShareVault's virtual data rooms. This perfect partnership enables businesses to leverage advanced data management tools, enhancing productivity, security, and collaboration across a wide range of use cases.

Whether it's facilitating M&A deals, streamlining clinical trials, or managing legal cases, SharePoint-ShareVault integration empowers businesses with a comprehensive solution for securely handling confidential information.

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